DIY no sew christmas stockings. You know what? That sort of sums up my sewing capabilities in one sentence. I cannot sew for Heavens but I like making cute stuff from left over fabrics. So yeah. Enter glue gun and Fabric glue and the rest is really easy. All you will need is about a bit of leftover fabric {think duster cloth measures}, a pencil, a stockings cut out if you are not very confident about free hand drawing, fabric glue and a pair of scissor. Tea: optional {mandatory}

How to make DIY No Sew Christmas Stockings

First up, divide your fabric into two halves. This will allow you to have one side of the stocking stitch free. Depending on the fabric you can either make one or two out of each fabric piece.

Next, draw an outline of a stocking {if you have designs, you can make the designs on the upper side of the stocking. Also, I was making it from a duster so I kept the stitched side up so I dont have to stitch it or glue it to stop laddering}

Snip it.

Now reverse the fabric and run a line of fabric glue to the edges. Fold out when dry.
Note: If you are cutting out fabric randomly, after you cut the outline of the stockings, reverse fabric and give it a one inch seam first before you line the edges.

For the hanger

Cut small strips of cloth, fold it to a loop and attach it to one side of the stockings with fabric glue. You could also stitch ribbon or twine. Or jute.

Let it dry for about a good 3-4 hours before use!

DIY Stockings Styling suggestions

I love hanging stockings in nooks and crannies because you know- Holidays yo! And sometimes you just stash that unwanted “thing” quickly inside it when guests are coming {okay, dont do that} Hang it from your mirror llike I have or from a shelf. You could use book shelves, tv table and window frames as well as hang a few stockings as bunting. In Mumbai, we do not have mantel and fireplaces {Hello!! You want to be boiled alive?}but that definitely doesnt stop me from hanging my stockings. I have also hung them from knobs in doors and wardrobes for a cheerful update in and around here.

Tip: You can use unused sweaters to make stocckings like this too! Shoulld look just about pretty!

It’s the first of December. Let’s officially get in the spirit!

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