Okay. Alright. Phew. I finally got time to write the DIY Christmas Wreath tutorial and I am very sorry for being a couple of days late. Haha, old story innit? Trust me- a full time job and a full time blog is definitely not a recipe for “on time blogs”. But thankfully, I am not as frightfully late as I was in Diwali this year. Like I say, “we had a few spills, but we didn’t miss tapping into the occasion”. So without much further delay, here’s how to make a nice DIY Christmas Wreath that’s easy to make, is under 250 bucks and looks so much better than what you get in stores here. I know you’ll get wreaths that are gorgeous too but I haven’t come across one single one where I live so I had no choice. Plus the joy of making your own Christmas decoration is really unparalleled. No?

But before I start let me just quickly snatch a little time to thank you all. You all have been such sport! I really thought I’ll skip this tutorial because frankly its way too easy but so many of you all wrote to me on instagram that I had to do this. You see this encouragement keeps bloggers like us going and that’s what I am most thankful for this festive season. I have the best followers and friends on social ever. Hands down, the best! A virtual Christmas slathered wreath to all of you. If only!

Anyway, won’t take much wordspace here because frankly I can get to a dangerous level if I let my typing hands loose. There will be digression after digression and you’ll wonder where a rabbit happened to have jumped in the conversation and most importantly when. And mostest importantly- why? Trust me, I am very capable of that, so I’ll get straight to the DIY Christmas Wreath tutorial, yeah? It’s good for you. Really!

Vino out: This is what you’ll need for a DIY Christmas Wreath


Wire: 1 meter/wreath. I think I got 1mm or 0.5mm. Choose one that’s quite mouldable and not too tough. Also 1 meter wire makes 2 medium wreath.
Plier: a thin nose one is good
Christmas garland- 1 five meter garland will make about 3 medium wreaths. You can choose a colour you like.
Ribbon- I got mine from Meraki, a wonderful boutique card and holiday supply store in Goa
Safetypin- 3 medium ones.
Extra wire to wound- 1/2 meter

For Bow

Thick, starched, polyester or cotton ribbon- Mine’s from Meraki Cards.

How to make DIY Christmas Wreath

Step 1: Choose your wreath size and have two loops of wire of the same diameter. On one end of the wire make a noose, bring the other end of the wire inside the noose and wound to secure. Tie the frame at 4 or 5 places with small strips of wire so it’s secure.

Step 2: Wound your garland around the wire. How? Start from the noose and keep twisting the wire in and out of the frame. Add enough turns so it looks nice and bushy. Also choose a garland that has a thin wire in it instead of one that’s made with thread. This will ensure that it stays in place and also when you twist the garland in the end you won’t need any additional securing.

Step 3: Add a bow. You could add a simple bow or like one I have done. basically you fold the ribbon to loops and form a floral shape. Once you are happy with the number of ‘petals’, secure it with a safetypin at the base. Then slightly fluff the bow with your fingers. Because it’s starched ribbon, it’ll hold shape. Do not use a satin ribbon or it’ll fall flat.

Step 4: You could add as is or add two tails that are so typical of ribbons. For this, cut ribbon of equal lenth and attach it to the base with another safetypin. Cut the end of ribbons in an inverted V shape.

Step 5: Secure at the base or at the top of the wreath with a wire. {Run a piece of wire through the safetypin that brings together the ribbon ‘petals’, twist once and then attach it to the wreath and twist behind. Snip the extra wire with your plier.

Tada! Your wreath is ready. Super easy right? And once you have made one, I am pretty sure you’ll make a few more because they are addictive. I am onto my 3rd one and I just can’t get enough of this.

Must go now. It’s 11:40 P.M on a chilly day and I am afraid if I don’t get up from this bed at this instant, I will oddly fall asleep right here. The keyword is oddly. Must get some Jasmine tea in my veins before bed.

By the way, do you think they make intravenous coffee or tea? It’ll save me so much effort. I am just saying!


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