And that’s just how UrbanLadder Zehnloch sofabed makes me feel. Christmassy- thanks to the core and colour, cozy- thanks to the comfortable fabric and seating and happy because those midcentury legs and cute as button sandwich biscuit design! The Zehnloch is really to die for. On our #CozyWinter home edit, we have a sofa that we are super excited about and if you need a non-fussy sofa for a compact apartment for an evening of leisure or a few extra guests to crash- this is your jam!

If you ask me- the Zehnloch Sofabed is by far my favourite out of all the sofas I have used. The Makati Sofa I reviewed earlier this year was comfy but Zehnloch certainly takes the cake in terms of look and comfort. Lengthwise it occupies slightly more floor space but {I think roughly 1 ft more} but its so worth. It’s worth every bit of that 15 grand! Come along as we decode our Zehnloch that is sitting pretty in my 550 sq. ft all decked up for the holidays. And which is now Michiko’s favourite place to snooze.

Hang on. Zehnloch sofabed. What does Zehnloch even mean?

It’s a who and not a what! The Zehnloch Sofabed borrows its name from Hans Zehnloch who created the legendary bourbon biscuit in the research and development section of Cadbury, circa 1930. The professor came up with a trademark on the biscuit whereby each would bear 10 holes; drawing from the fact that Zehnloch literally translates into ’10 holes’ in German. As for the term Bourbon that’s a different story altogether- it is actually a contraction of their place of invention – BOURnville and professor Zehnloch’s hometown – BONn. The second ‘n’ was dropped in 1963. Why? Well probably because 1 n was just enough.

The Urban Ladder Zehnloch sofabed does not only look like a huge mushy bourbon but also has 10 buttons in place of holes which makes it look pretty adorable!Yeah, furniture with stories are always so much better.

So would you buy it? YES. Here are 5 reasons why the Zehnloch totally takes the #CozyWinter Decor cake

Now that you know why it is called what, let’s head straight to the prosciutto of it all. {Meat. Should you buy etc} Here are 5 reasons why the UrbanLadder Zehnloch Sofabed is totally bang for the bucks-

1. Its comfyyyyyy: with multiple Ys and it totaly sets the #CozyWinter mood with its winterberry Red. I am a huge yes for all things white {and I am quite sure you are aware of it} but this sofa to be honest kickstarted this Christmas feels in me. As a sofabed, and as a bed the Zehnloch Sofabed is super duper comfy and ensures a great night’s sleep. P.S. I stress on winterberry red because tacky reds exist. This red is not tacky. This is Santa red!

2. It has super clean, hasslefree form: No fuss, no grooves- just clean lines and a bit of plumpy curve. Perfect for large to small apartments and becomes a statement piece without looking too over the top. Plus, if you decide to slipcover it so the original fabric doesn’t dirty, it’s also extremely easy to slipcover. I slipcovered it with a white cloth to save it from ze felines and it looks just as good!

3. It’s ergonomic and has 2 reclining positions: One push to sofabed and another to just bed and a nudge to somewhere halfway for sleepy days. It is not complicated at all. Push the recliner part ahead, hear the click and pull it down. Sofa to bed in under 5 seconds. Or less.

4. It looks good: Those midcentury legs had me at hello. And then a brown piping also said hi! Haha, this is the vulgurest I have been here {or anywhere} but I couldn’t help falling for those legs. Ded. Okay, I have a thing for midcentury “furniture” legs. I said furniture. What I also very, very loved about the Zehnloch sofabed is the detail. The piped edge and buttoned seating is so stinking cute!

5. Because it screams cozy: I hereby deem this sofabed as the coziest Urbanladder sofa I have ever used. I used Kowloon and Makati but I didn’t feel so happy about plonking my derriere before. It fits snug with a little less than 6 ft, its perfect to laze and sleep, it occupies a sliver of space and has just the right kind of vibe for a modern apartment. I love it and I might be a crazy sofalady in later years!

Can’t wait to see how this sofa changes according to season and my all white aesthetic. Honestly, I already have a spring plan in place. Can you guess the palette? Thank you Urban Ladder for the early Christmas cheer. You all started my Christmas already and the Zehnloch is our star of the #CozyWinter Home Edit!

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