Wedding gifting. Dear god! I swear it becomes more of a headache than joy! And it’s not just wedding gifting, it’s just gifting in general. If you are like me- perpetually buying online- you end up wasting so much time in researching {of course need to check classy, price and make all at the same time} and then wait for it to arrive and not disappoint. Or if you are not like me and buying offline, you end up wasting time, time and more time in just hunting down a good shop, then a good price and then ofcourse there are more shops and more possibilities. It’s really quite overwhelming.

On the contrary, wedding gifting should be a very joyous activity. One where you wait for the reaction on your loved one’s face with you being completely sure of the product. Having worked with indulgeville closely, I can personally vouch for their products and the fact that the one at the receiving end will cherish it forever, because wedding gifting need to be rethought. Why? Because I have had blankets, clocks and fountains as my wedding gift, which eventually went to multiple people because clearly, I don’t need a fountain in my home. Or a blanket unless its a 19th century once used by Queen Elizabeth. Okay, that might be an overstretch but come on! A blanket? A very horrible thin army blanket on my wedding? Why? Wedding is war? Is that what you are hinting at?

Haha, okay, clearly Gifting is not easy, but it shouldn’t be this difficult that you give me a fountain. When it comes to gifting, take wise decisions. Gift something that’ll mean something over gift for the sake of it all! Here are 3 amazing gift options that’ll ease your wedding gifting episodes. I have personally used bed linen from Indulgeville and I can assure you that this will be remembered. Ready? Here we go!

This Indulgent Egyptian Cotton Jaquard Duvet and pillow cover

I am all about monochromes and this black piece simply stole my heart. Made with 400 Thread count egyptian cotton, you can get this delivered anywhere in India withing 5 days from the day of your order confirmation. Which means you can send the best gift to your friend/family who is getting married even if you are not present!
Price: INR 9750/- and you can complete this with matching bedspread as well for INR 4850. Or just gift the bedsheet set for the same.

This Turkish Cotton Towel Set

We had a contest in our instagram page recently where in we asked people to share their towel horror story. We had this amazing story where this girl just got married and had to hurriedly wipe herself dry with the bath mat because the towel was terrible! We really couldn’t even… And that kind of reminds me how important it is to consider wedding gifting seriously. Why don’t we ever give things that actually comes handy? And it’s not like we do not spend money- we do. We just end up giving cup sets for chrissake which costs just as much. Move on to towels instead.

I love this turkish that I have been using for a while and I know that this will be the perfect wedding gift. Made in Turkey, of 650 GSM, these are so soft and pillowy. Perfect after a long hot water bath to kill all that wedding “Taam jhaam”.

Gift Card

You know what? If you just cannot choose something nice, please opt for a gift card from Indulgeville– it starts from Rupees 1000 and there is nothing in here that is not nice. You will love it {no hassle, no heartbreak} and your newly weds will love it too {because choice and great stuff} The Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout, with no additional processing fees. Simple and effective. Here’s where you can buy one.

Make wise decisions. Make wedding gifting fun for you and for the ones getting hitched.


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