IKEA Hej HOME opens in Forum Mall, Hyderabad and this is IKEA’s first experience center to open in India where customers can touch, feel and experience IKEA’s proucts that are yet to hit the Indian market. If you are like me, you are making a list of everything you’d ever want from the first ever store already! I swear I am flying down to Hyderabad when their store opens- it’ll be a first day, first shopping for me! Oh man, I am F*****g excited. I never sweat you know. Until I am really excited or angry and in this case- it is pre, unadulterated excitement!

So what is IKEA Hej HOME

IKEA Hej HOME is an experience center where customers can touch, feel and experience IKEA’s products. In here, Customers can sign up for “IKEA FAMILY”, IKEA’s loyalty program that opens doors to many privileges at IKEA all around the world and is will also act as platform for people who seek to explore work opportunities with IKEA.
Hej HOME is an inspirational exhibition of IKEA products and solutions where future IKEA customers can experience IKEA products before they can actually buy it from its stores in spring 2018.

And you’ll love to see how India is reflected in their choices

Back in Sweden, we had tete-a-tete with Mia Lundstrom regarding how IKEA is envisioning its products for India. Let’s face it, we are a tough market. With joint families, small space, the love for storage in practically everything and dust- we are a tough tough market to get into. And unfortunately I missed being in Hyderabad yesterday to take a sneak peek for myself but as I see and hear, IKEA Hej HOME reflects IKEA’s understanding of life at home in India and its unique home furnishing solutions for Indian homes as promised. Besides the products, IKEA Hej HOME also gives a peek into the IKEA food offer and room settings based on its learnings of Life at Home in Hyderabadi families, especially those living with children. The display includes the bedroom,
living area, kitchen and dining, play area among others.

umm, hello, when is Mumbai seeing anything at all?

IKEA plans to bring Hej HOME to the other cities: the second store will open in Mumbai during 2019, followed by Bengaluru and Delhi NCR.

Honestly, I am pretty happy that India is finally among the cities where there is an IKEA. Oh, those whatsapp pleads will finally end thanks to the insanely awesome minds at IKEA. God damn I missed this but people, if you are in Hyderabad, go check it out. Go see the first great thing of my decor life to take shape in forum mall and do share some snippets with me.

And while you are at it, say HEJ HYDERABAD! Cannot believe we’ll get a whiff of the swedish forest here in India. Will they have Salmon? Please tell me yes!

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