Just a perfect day.
Drink Sangria in a park
Then later when it gets dark we go home

Just a perfect day
Feed animals in the zoo
Then later a movie too and then home

Always such a perfect day
Im glad I spend it with you
oh such a perfect day
you just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on

I cranked the volume up and I curled up. Dragging myself to the center of the bed, now completely covered by the quilt. I had a deadline of Sunday but I thought feeling the hygge that a good quilt offers is a lot more important than penning a few words down because I have to. And as Lou Reed filled the air, I remembered how much I love winter. How much I love wading the territories of deep, mellow, nostalgia laden, Hot-Chocolate smelling, Lou-Reed ish thoughts that winter and winter alone evokes. And how I enjoy curling up in a soft quilt, staring outside my window weighing the year that’s slowly reaching its prime. I will give away a hundred great activities in town to just curl up with a good quilt and a series/books on a winter’s day and if you are like me, you’ll know how a good quilt is bae.

And this quilt by the House of Ekam is bae

Traditional Rajasthani block printing techniques meet minimal aesthetic in this Gulmohar quilt by House of Ekam and this quintessentially Indian tree takes a reindeer-ish lunge towards winter, making it the perfect Holiday staple. You know, I just could not hold myself back from pairing them with {my world famous. Oh, self proclaimed} red and white duster cloth cushions to bring the spirit smack on. But please let it not give you the impression that these are for winters only. These soft, handmade 100% cotton quilts are totally season agnostic pretty.

How? I paired them with a bit of dusty pink for our bed- you know, just to kind of chill in the daytime and they look just as stunning. Also, if you are thinking whether a quilt will be a wise investment in a place in Mumbai- let me tell you, this is an AC quilt and can be used all year round. Haha, yeah, we never kind of lose winter here in Mumbai if you see the other way round. Plus, you can style it in many ways too!

I told on my instagram account that I will give out a style guide for the quilt and not just style it pretty for the #CozyWinter series that I have been and am doing, so here it is.

3 perfect Ways to Style This Gulmohar Quilt in your home

Style it for the Holidays: Red and green is seriously one of my favourite fall-winter colour combinations and keeping with the Christmas spirit, you can rightly style this Quilt with pops of red and grey or charcoal to usher in the festivities. I absolutely love how seamlessly it blends with all the reds and methinks a nice fat wreath is in lieu for our bedroom!!

Style it dreamy & modern with pinks or salmon: Now if you are not too fond of the traditional red-green duo, you could still get in the magic of winters with pairing this with a pop of pink or salmon. Green and pink again is one of my all time favorite but you’d want to be careful here- You certainly want it to look modern and not a snippet from the 70’s. Always bring in a third color when styling with green and pink: in my case its white.

Style it eclectic with Mustard & blue: Unfortunately I do not own anything mustard but if you have a lot of wood toned furniture {both ash or yellow oak} and you love a bit of boho in your life, pair this quilt with patterned mustard {I am looking geometry here} bedding and highlight the look with shibori accents- fuchsia, navy and teal will work fabulous! adding in a snippet just for ref. You could use Navy as the base.

Once the holidays are over, I’ll try and sneak in a snippet of this from my bedroom. Till then, take a look at this! Pretty floored with their eye for design and I am really, thoroughly enjoying this. Like spit promise really. Bombay, buck up. Throw us some teen spirit {weather-ly speaking}

About House of Ekam

Ekam is a Sanskrit word which means unity and oneness which is truly reflected in its products and philosophy. What really sets House of Ekam apart is the brand’s approach to minimal and millenial design which they achieve through traditional Indian techniques that matches the modern aesthetics and utility.

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