Want to get in a slice of cozy winter to your home? start small! Before you give your entire room a makeover, begin with the corners and whip up pretty vignettes that brings the magic of winters indoors even if its kettle-boil hot outside. Our first Cozy Winter home must-have is this set of candle stand from IheartHomez that’s slathered in Scandinivian vibes and is just about perfect to get November cozy going- you know, some candle burning- with a cuppa coffee or a glass of wine?

Simple, graceful, utterly gorgeous and with just the right amount of rustic {which practically all Scandinavian things for me} the Scandi candle stands got me in the holiday mood from the minute I saw them. Seriously. It’s so hard to find simple things these days. Like if it had more you’d think it’s worth spending your money. Sometimes less is so much more and looks so beautiful! I love that they are this simple, and by being so is this graceful. Really strikes a chord with me.

I am seeing them in vignettes and on my winter tablescapes and shelves, whether grouped or single, and I am most certainly seeing them grouped with christmas tree ornaments for a centerpiece. The candle stands are now in production so you could go ahead and pre order yourself one from their instagram account.

You know, I also think this is the shortest blog I have written. In all honestly, I always think of writing short blogs because, “Hey, who reads so much?” Right? But somehow when I read those uber popular short piece of modern literary phenomenons, I get that weird, Nuevo blog vibe that just talks 250 words because SEO, paid, attention span of 10%, incapability and somber technicalities. To me, to be able to really love a blog there has to be a flow of words because in the end, it is a lot more than just being your marketing tool. It is a book where you are telling a story. It is your refuge where you are putting your heart out. It must, must connect or else there is no point of it all. I don’t care how popular you are if your blog is just a jumble of products and links. Not my scene. And who reads it? I DO. I read; I read every bit of word there is out there to consume and I read. The problem is other people’s attention span. Maybe more people should just read. No?

Anyway. This is as short as it would get in this hemisphere. And I hope you agree that length bit with me, yeah?

To a nice, words filled, cozy winter!
Off to work now

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