Winter Decorating Ideas, November, Cozy home decor and Moody corners! On Trumatter, we are doing a cozy winter decor or a winter home edit to bring in the spirit of winter and Christmas, and for the next 3 months this space is where you want to be for decor that makes you want to put your feet up, curl up with coffee and enjoy the season.

In here though, we are crazy about Winter. And it’s all about celebrating the slightest nip in air

While most websites describe winter days as “dull and dreary”- and rightly so because most of these lovely sites have already seen it’s first dust of snow with long cold months to follow- in a city that’s pulling a blistering 32 around Mid-day in November and I am finding solace in a cup of cold brew at 11:40 PM in the night, the thought, sight and smell of winter is definitely a pleasant welcome. So instead of doing decor that help cope with dull days, we are doing a bit of winter decorating to celebrate it; To give us an illusion of winter. You know it all starts in the mind right?

But won’t fleece boil the bejesus out of us?

Winter decorating ideas doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around woolens and fleece. It’s more to do with the colour palette, patterns and feels than material- of that I assure you. To welcome winter we are going slightly traditional- red and greens with oodles of white and bits and bobs of rustic accents that adds that much needed warmth. I am an old, traditional soul so I love a bit of red and green peeping from here and there, saying hello. But if you are weary of the trad colours you could welcome winter with shades like Navy, Mustard, Midnight blue, Deep or Forest green, Ruby Red, Golden and warm wood. These colors add depth, richness, and warmth to a room making it the perfect winter refuge.

So what will you find in #CozyWinter edits?

A whole lot of cozy decorating ideas. For example? For example, products that we are eyeing this winter that instills a sense of coziness, your cozy winter home must haves, informal crockery that you can invest on for many Christmas to come and beyond, DIY Winter decorating ideas that can be easily done, Product features and how to style cozy with them, How to do a cozy, warm Christmas without stress, 3 cozy furniture for winter and beyond, a few recipe to cozy upto and basically the art of curling up and do nada! How does it sound?

Good? Excellent because our first product feature is tomorrow. Stay tuned and I can promise you some Scandinavian slathered coziness which you can grab right here in India.
Must run. A heady traffic awaits me on my way home.

Toodles XO

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