Don’t have a fireplace? No worries. Here are 3 creative ways to add Christmas stockings in your home for santa to not miss it. Also, I do believe that when in India, he’d love a cup of hot tea in the comfort of an aircon. He’ll roast himself dry, poor ol’ grandad, if you hang it by the fireplace anyway! So, if you are reading me from India- specially the west and Southern part of it, you have a far better chance of getting a gift, if its placed in a cooler clime. If you are reading me from abroad where it snows, well, you can try! It looks good.

Then again, some of you will get coal. No matter how fancy your stockings are and where you hang it. Youall have been miserable and you will get coal. So don’t you come telling me that Rukmini I placed the stockings by the ledge in a airconditioned room with carrot diffuser and yet all I got were two hot coal in there. The outside and all is fine, what truly matters is what’s inside of you. Buck up if you want gifts.

But for now, here are 3 ways to hang your Christmas Stockings

Hang it on your bedpost

Hang Christmas stockings from your bedposts! It looks so very cute!!! This stocking is by A Bee In The Garden who makes the most adorable stockings ever! You can find her here on instagram

I absolutely dig her work and have been eyeing her Christmas shop forever. It’s delightful! Plus, local! I am all for local products.

Hang it on the wall

Hang your Christmas stockings on the wall! In a line or flank a mirror and it looks gorgeous. If you have a clothes hook, you can temporarily use them too. I have used a simple nail to hang the stockings. These stockings are by KnoticalTreasures. You can find them on instagram as well!

Hang it from a shelf or a bed ledge

If you have a wall mount bookshelf or a ledge, hang your Christmas stockings from it. They almost give you that mantle-ish look and I will hang mine this year from our bedroom ledge.

Hang it from your TV Table

If you want a fireplace like feel, hang it from your TV table. Put a raging fireplace video on your TV! I used to do that all the time!

Hang it from your mirror

Christmas stockings look beautiful when hung from a mirror and I love hanging them from our living room vintage mirror. Preferably with a twine for that added Christmas-sy vibe! Here’s a no sew stockings tutorial that you can try

Have you hung stockings in an innovative way? Tell us in your comments section and we will try it out and share your idea on instagram!

Coffee now and a Christmass-y post tomorrow!


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