Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you a sack full of cozy Christmas decor ideas, one I think you’ll find truly handy while decorating your home for the holidays. It involves simple things- like a red throw, rustic cow bells, linen stockings and greenery which you will find online; of course, I will link it too. Oh, and it also will have, somewhere, a bunch of hacks that you may want to screenshot. These past few days have been very tiring and devoid of inspiration. I am glad the stockings filled me in with the much needed cozy Christmas cheer or it was all a big pot of stone soup!

Haha, anyway, lets deep dive.

Firstly, what is a cozy decor? Does it have to have the products mentioned?

The answer is no. The feeling of cozy, in our homes is brought about by textures and colors that make us happy. Because it’s Christmas, you may want to get in seasonal colors. Because Christmas is typically in winter, knits and shaggy fabric work well. But then again, if you want to do non-traditional colors and want to include simple cotton, you can layer them effectively for a cozy Christmas decor as well. The key in that case will be to include various textures in cotton like a thick bedding or macrame cushions. The idea is to create a home that makes you feel like you are cocooned in a blanket. So, whatever I mention here is not the penultimate. It’s a direction!

Tips & Tricks for a cozy Christmas

Relaxed is the key. Both in terms of color and accents

And nothing’s more relaxing than a bunch of evergreen.

To me, the first rule of cozy is something that doesn’t hurt your eye. The colors should flow from one thing to the other and accents that make you relaxed and happy. Stay away from traditional tinsel and decorate with evergreens instead. They bring in the much needed outdoor-sy warmth to your decor.

Also, don’t just restrict it to your mantel or wardrobe. Add it everywhere. The most potential areas are- shelves, a ledge, on top of wardrobes and along the edge of your door frame

Use a blended color scheme for your seasonal decor

If you have too many colors going on in a single space, you will keep looking for where to feel relaxed. For a relaxed vibe, use a blended color scheme. For example, I have used this stockings in linen as opposed to knitted ones in red and white. Firstly, it goes with my overall decor which is neutral heavy, secondly it blends in gracefully without taking too much attention. The stockings are handmade by Sowmya Thomas, who heads @abeeinthegarden on instagram! How pretty right?

Use loads of soft fabric. Mix and match solids with prints and embroidered ones

I kept the dominant color as linen grey so I used solids and added texture with ruffles, prints and embroidery. It brings in harmony without boredom. Also, note how I used a de-constructed (Hahaha) Christmas tree to add in a bit of evergreen in over here too.

Use lots of vintage for that cozy Christmas home

Nothing adds in cozy to Christmas than vintage ornaments and accents and I love adding them all around. My tree has vintage mercury glass baubles and rustic cowbells that chime oh so gently! On our ottoman I have a tray full of mercury glass ornaments and I also have a vintagey throw in RED to bring the look in! Oh, and a basket full of knitting essentials! These are the crucial details of making your home cozy.

The bells are by Sowmya again

Pick a bold, dominant color and use it wisely

Sometimes a splash of red or green does wonder to your cozy Christmas decor setting. But this is a tricky area. Just right and it can look beautiful. Overdone and it can throw the balance off. The best way to do this is to add bit by bit. A throw, a cushion, a vase. Then move 2 ft away and take a sweeping look. Do you think it can use a bit more, add it. Do you think it looks too much, take away some. You absolutely must take a look at your decor from a distance to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Don’t forget to use cozy, low intensity lights

Poodles of light, as I like to call, looks beautiful in a Christmassy home. So other than using a single source of light, use many lights, but of low intensity. And specially around your evergreen decorations. As I have in the photograph above. Below is how our Christmas tree looks…oh, and that also reminds me of the TV!

Don’t forget Sound & Smell

When decking up the halls, it’s important to remember that a cozy home is an amalgamation of all 5 senses. We have talked about sight and touch with colors and textures and you will ofcourse figure the smell with all those cakes you’ll bake but a little needs to be added in sound and smell as well!

Use your TV to mimic a fireplace. There is nothing more beautiful than to hear the soft crackle of a firewood as you sit in your living room with your cat curled up.

As for smell, you can do a stove top diffuser with cinnamon, orange slices and sage. You can also add in candles in notes of cookie and cream, juniper berry or my favourite- Cedarwood!

Works for me like a charm, every single time!

Off now, gotta pack. But hey, the holidays are almost here. Here’s let me sprinkle some fairy dust on ya!

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