I created a home office & an entertainment hub out of my bedroom wall and you won’t believe how seamlessly it multitasks. Not just that it also blends in perfectly with our bedroom decor and when we shut our laptops down, it becomes a full scale entertainment wall. All in a mere 9ft x 10ft wall.

And I will tell you how you can make your work and play zone in your home too. But before anything

Would you like to know what is the most difficult part in the whole process?

So we can get to the easy part later?

It’s not choosing which wall, it’s not the design decisions, no, none of that. It is to convince your brain that small spaces do not equate to compromised living. Small spaces do not mean you cannot have a large wall art, two studies side by side. And…drumrolls please, it no way means that you will have to live crammed if you gotten in furniture. This frenzy of ‘more space’ has got to stop because you don’t have to play football! Make it functional, make it cozy and keep enough space to comfortably walk around. Once you are enlightened that this whole large space hoopla- though a great upgrade- is not stopping you from having a great house, you’ll do a lot of things to your tiny home, in no time. I promise you that.

We all need that push. Let me be that for you. Like Whitney Leigh Morris, Rajiv Surendra and a thousand small space enthusiast over the blogland has been to me. Congratulations, 50% of your work is done if you are to embark on turning a wall to an entertainment hub/ workspace

The other 50% is obviously pure design and I am about to tell you that. Note books at ready.

How you can turn a wall in your home into that perfect work zone + entertainment hub

Pick the wall wisely: Pick any wall, but avoid a wall opposite your windows because if you keep the blinds open, you will have glare. So ideally, pick a wall that has overlooking windows (best scenario) or right next to the wall with windows. Diffused light all day! Perfect. We picked our wall opposite to the headboard so we can also chill at night, cozy up and watch movies. In the day, we get dressed and sit here and work jobs. Like dogs. Because we face a wall, We can totally demarcate our chill frame of mind from work frame of mind.

Look for custom furniture: When it comes to furniture, small spaces need a bit of attention. Standard often does not work and this lack of good furniture that fits in small space is the no.1 reason why we equate small spaces to compromised living. Look for custom furniture. For old world inspired charming vintage furniture, BeVintage is your go to place. My table on the right is from BeVintage. For modern furniture, check lapanddado. Get a smaller version of your favourite furniture made and you will have nothing to crib about your small space. If you want great simple furniture on budget, check TMBCHome-Jaipur.

Chairs however, I’d say close your eyes and go Ikea.

Get good speakers: The first and the foremost thing in a good entertainment system is sound. So invest in a set of good speakers and any TV that you mount will do! This also is insane with just laptop. You can also use this table to play your party music! Speakers really do the trick. And ofcourse when you are ridiculously bored of the long zoon call and the client is being ridiculous, you can mute yourself, switch your camera off and play it aloud for everyone to have a blast. Hahaha, no! Don’t! Also, a good TV will be sone pe suhaga – Ofcourse, you can get a great 4K Tv (as long as you have 4K content handy

Make room for Art: It is your workplace, yes, but your brain needs stimuli. Looking at something you love will fill you with inspiration and you’ll feel happier to work in a place that makes you happy. Also, small rooms and large art is a match made in happen. You can garner the advantage of scale and make any art the focal point. So, think large frames as opposed to small frames.

Strategically place lights: We need to do video calls. We also have to work through the evenings and we hate overhead lights. So we strategically placed two lamps each above speakers on the sides that work as work lap, video call beauty lamp (haha) and also lights up the photo frames. The light is also diffused so it doesn’t bother with the TV

Declutter the wires with organizer and cable boxes: There is absolutely no glory in channeling your inner disheveled, mad genius when it comes to clutter. Arrange the wires and extension cords and it’ll all look instantly better. Plus a bunch of wires hanging in your bedroom is not ideal at all. This is where you relax so lesser the clutter the better. I used these two products at home to hide our extension cords and the cords that run to our TV outlet. You can buy them Here and Here

You can see both of them in action on our table.

I also did the line art basis our work- my husband adores the stock market so a bull for him (given its been a bull run and all) and an art palette for me because well, self explanatory!

I also have a little farmhousey sign coming which will go on top of the TV. Hopefully it’ll look nice!

So, now, here’s my question

Do you and your spouse, roomies, siblings work together? How is your space? What kind of constraints do you face? Tell me and I’ll pick a case and redesign it for you on photoshop, as a Diwali gift! Leave your problems in the comments section

Off for coffee and some shut PC time!


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