Hello! Okay, seriously, I am laughing very very hard right now because I never thought I’d write about anything remotely close to Tips and Tricks to maintain white. But you see, people have left me no choice. Honestly, the comments that propelled me to write this are not all sarcy. Some of them really wanted to know what’s up with white not getting dirty. So, ofcourse I do want to tell you how I learnt it and from where but what is it with “Is your house really that white?” Well, if you can cook 2 meals a day, you can maintain white and please, next time ask me what’s for dinner, or I will 😉

Home _ White
Okay, I’ll be quick to address another query that I get a lot. Not so harmful really to hear. It’s where did I get the furniture from. I agree, it’s not something you’d see in the market readily available, and now that India is slowly {and finally} getting what shabby chic is all about without sneering thrice that the colour has chipped-it must be old-second hand? etc…people have started to show interest in my decor elements. Perhaps because of the new cafe decor trend which incorporates a healthy dose of industrial and shabby chic, and charges some 20$ for a drink. Huh! so, yeah, all my furniture are picked from the second hand market in Behrambaug and are handpainted and distressed. I use Asian Paints BR White with a tinge of yellow for that old white tone. I bought the dining table for 1200 Rupees and 600 for two chairs. Solid wood, no ply, 8 years back in my hey days, whitewashed. Here’s where you can see them

The cot or the day bed is a gift from Rohan’s parents, the stool are painted too and you can find the tutorial here and look here for the barnwood center table DIY.

Okay, now to the real issue! But before that, please let me squeeze in another unbelievably white photograph {Im still laughing very hard}Home WhiteOkay, okay Imma be a good woman and tell you how I keep things white and what is the trick to keep your home looking fabulous. There will be a few laundry tricks and there will be a few decor tips: mix them both and you’ll have a stunning home too. Believe me you!

To the laundry tricks first:

1. Invest in a bottle of bleach. A good one because you’ll need them a bit. I wash my white bedsheets and covers in a cap full of Ala. Just mix it in cold water and soak your white sheets/covers/drapes for about 15 minutes.

2. A good detergent and soaking. Soaking another quarter of an hour in detergent will make sure your sheets are the whitest white and trust me I have had schezwan sauce on my sheets. Wait- I have that often.

3. Wash every 10 days. Now, when I ask you to wash white sheets and covers every 10 days I don’t mean to ask you to bring the house down. There will always be an area that’s used more than the others. Identify which ones and wash those every 10 days. Rest, wash once a month

4. Spot clean: The minute something falls on white, try and rub it off with a wet cloth and a tiny bit of detergent. This will prevent the stain from settling

5. Always use bleach in cold water

Home white 2

Now, for the decor tip:

1. When you buy things for your home, think of mind where you will fit it rather than- let’s buy, i’ll fit it somewhere. Ive had the latter syndrome for years and I had to literally give away things because nothing found a spot.

2. Keep a colour or theme constant in your home. Whether Nordic and minimal, whether beachy and dramatic or Indian and ethnic- make sure you stick to a theme. Rest will fall in place

3. If you are using white as your colour scheme, accentuate it further with natural wood tones, nudes or pops of colour. Both do well with white.

Home_White 3

I hope I have answered all your questions now and I hope yo have a super duper dreamy white little beach house too. Just a little effort ladies, just a tiny little effort.

Happy Weekday, off to work, you have a good day


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  1. So love your white house. I have a white room too! And recently for an event decor I too painted an old desk and chair white with the same Asian Paints you mentioned. 🙂

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