Glass and summer are made for each other and nothing compares to the soft glint of glass under a canopy of tress with a balmy sun peeking through; or under a blanket of fairy lights & the night sky! It’s almost divine how glass look against light and this is one thing I bank on, whole heartedly, to celebrate our almost-year-long summer and get the most of the long, long days.

I am also, as you know, is often asked for sources of everything, so this year I thought I’ll list all my favorite items for you all- which I use and which I intend to use in the near future- for you to have access to. The links are all clickable so you could just buy directly. Dough right? I literally spend hours and hours on Pinterest looking up at fresh spaces and pretty things products and often get inspired to give my home a refresh from time to time, so this year I thought I’ll rope you in on this. Haha, I mean why should I get the late-night-phone-scroll- red-eye alone!

Here’s a list of my favourite glassware to kickstart spring summer 2021. Click away to buy! Also, this lists products from GlassForest simply because their glass products are the best and the only ones I have ever used that are actually colored and not tinted with a film on top. I have used quite a few colored glass before but they all gave away so I refrain from buying those. Also, this is not a sponsored post! Though if it was, I wouldn’t have written any otherwise.


[shoppable_image id=”19291″]

P.S. I can really smell it in the air! Summer is almost here.

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