You know, I was born with country cottage in my veins. I have loved the simple, mellow pleasures of a charming cottage for as long as I can remember and in the compartments of my brain there is a shining photograph of one of my walls full of vintage China. White wicker, bunch of flowers, distressed hutch, slow music, blue china, pink paisely, Rachel Ashwell and Cath Kidston- It’s my jam y’all! Though a propah-country-lady will vehemently disapprove of my language here with some tea in her hand and that quintessential “what is wrong with the world” cringe in her eyes.

Sorry, a little Tupac mixed over the years with Tea and that’s how I roll!

But my love for country style has largely remained unaltered. Just as long as my love for country style was my need for a wall full of vintage plates, and I finally got around to do it.

Now, for a love that strong, this should have happened much before right? Honestly, I don’t know what happened between 2018 to 2020. I had completely lost touch with DIY and I was barely doing things. I mean I was doing bits and bobs but I think I had inclined a lot to product photography and less and less of interiors. 2021, I got that corrected. And can I tell you, it gives me so much happiness to be doing things again and not just photographying pretty things. It feels so good. Anyway, let’s quickly see how this is done before the digression-nazis catch me.

How to display vintage plates on the wall without damage

Basically this is your life saver if you are a renter and would want to display pretty things on the wall but cannot because of holes. Now, while there are ways to fill up holes and make it look like nothing ever happened- but why bother if there is an alternative right?

All you’ll need is command hooks. I used the 7.2 kgs command hooks but didn’t use them together. I used one strip behind each plate and one the wall and it’s super super easy to do. All you need to do is remove the backing from each strip and place it on the plate. Then remove the backing from the other side and place it on the wall. Once done, remove the plate from the wall and then after an hour, stick it back. There are clear instructions on the package as well.

You can also click on the link here and buy. I will get a commission if you do so but no pressure.

And practically that’s it! No drilling, no mess, no losing deposit, nothing! This is how the wall looks now!

Cool right? I think I deserve a spa sesh for doing all of this and photographying and blogging all in a day and I am now off to reward myself a bit. I mean I just fulfilled my long term dream guys. Come on!

Have a great friday night and be productive people.

Love, Rukmini

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