Summer hath struck the subcontinent or at least the western part of it and we are feelin’ it! So clearly, hot chocolate station and lumberjack checks are out, easy- breezy, cotton, undyed linen and beachy baskets are in! And although wicker baskets are practically all season and can very well look the part with a little change of contents, I find them particularly pertinent to summer.

But why do we love wicker so much?

Can be the fact that wicker baskets instantly remind you of the beach, popsicles, picnics and cool summer nights where a soft breeze is ruffling your hair. Can be the fact that wicker is tactile, natural, and comes with all the old world charm of slow, intricate weaving! But whatever it is, I can tell you surely- or rather doggedly- that wicker always has its moment.

Popularized by Marella Agnelli and Renzo Mongiardino in the mid 20th century, wicker was predominantly used outdoors. Then, when it started to move indoors- though received with much nonchalance- it brought with it that feeling of a balmy day under the sun- inside, and perhaps that accounts for why it puts us in such ease.

Wicker or straw or rattan whatever you may wish to call it and we will not get into the material-related-nittygritty here, but rather function related ones, and nothing quite lives up to wicker in imparting a feeling of such ease. Take my word for it, wicker makes your storage one that you don’t want to hide. Wicker makes fake flowers look beautiful. Wicker will be my coffin when I die.

Here are our favourite wicker baskets that you can buy right here in India

[shoppable_image id=”19493″]

I have used a few like Daisy Life and Ikea but I havent used the rest myself, so I guess that shabby chic looking basket tote is my gift to myself for being a good girl- I am onto the laundry area and I think it has a place in there!

Go summerify your home and if you have a favourite wicker with an interesting story, I am all ears! Tell me all about it!

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