Faux flowers are great. They store well, help you whip up floral arrangements along with fresh flowers in a jiffy, and are also great alternatives to the variety of flowers we don’t get here in India- like magnolia or lavender shrub. I have used a few sets in my house forever through out summers and I love how I can add a little drama and volume to my fresh boquets with faux flowers – thanks to the wires you can literally place them as you like. But the problem is, most faux flowers look, well, very faux. And I have noticed that they look like that because of the colours and hand-feel. The leaves are too bright green, the petals too pink and shiny, the feel too plastic-y. There is something peculiar about them that no matter what you do, screams right to your face- “we are batch 3288”. Or worse, “hello, I come from the 80’s!”

Over the years, in pursuit of perfect summer faux flowers, I have bought quite a few bunch. Some were disasters alright but some have now trickled down as my favourites over the years. Here’s to you, if you like me love to be surrounded by flowers all summer- a list of 10 best faux flowers that will make your floral-lovin’ self very happy.

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