A spring summer tablescape has to be two things. One, it must be breezy, graceful, bring the outdoors in and fill you with a sense of freedom that one gets when one steps out in the spring sun after a long, cold winter. Two, it must be simple enough for the host to put together so it doesn’t bog him/her down. I also totally believe that unless you are throwing a high-dinner, there is absolutely no need for a serviette or millions of matching plates and four hundred different spoons. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a napkin ring. Some spoons and fork and perhaps some dessert spoons does the job quite right.

To make things easier, we have just knotted the napkins which serves as a rustic, beautiful ring, and added a faux lavender plant in a distressed terracotta pot as a centerpiece for our summer lunch party. Easy as a biscuit right? But…

What you do need, however, is a set of beautiful glassware because that alone will elevate your spring summer tablescape.

We took our tea to the balcony and made a party out of it because hey, city-alfresco looks like this and it was a gorgeous summer day. But don’t think it made us feel any less because it was in our balcony. When the table looks this great, it’s hardly a compromise, and I think our glassware had everything to do with it.

I highly recommend Glassware for your spring summer tablescape

Why? 3 reasons. Not just one! Firstly, and I have written about this in my blog here , glass and summer are made for each other. Glass looks lovely against light and you’d want that beautiful, watery sparkle to your summer table. Secondly, good glassware elevates the table. A simple, streamlined, textured glassware simply makes the table look a lot more plush than it actually is. Thirdly, summer is all about colours. From drinks to food and desserts, you’d like to show those gorgeous colours peeking through clear or coloured glass. I mean imagine pouring a delicious slush in an opaque glass! Where is the fun?

Summer and glass are inseparable like Christmas and plaids and you can happily put it down in your never to change rule book. When it comes to a spring summer tablescape, its classic and it will always be in fashion. Plus, I have never seen good glassware get dated. They just become vintage! So if you are investing in good glassware, you are investing in tableware that’ll stay forever.

We did a collaboration with GlassForest on instagram last week where I talked about this gorgeous collection called firdaus which incorporates clear and textured clear glass in a heavenly mix. And I had to come and tell you about this here and how they make for the perfect pickables for your summer soiree. They truly are as beautiful as the name of the collection and makes a humble ice tea seem like a drink from paradise.

And you know what? That’s what you want. You want to be armed with tableware that reduces your effort to make things look pretty and put together with minimum effort and these guys are bang for the bucks. Seriously, I wish I could take credit for this gorgeous spring summer tablescape that is literally just our balcony but I can’t.

It’s really the glassware.

Details of the products used:

Glassware from GlassForest’s Firdaus collection- Buy Here

Napkins from Saphed Home- Buy Here

Plates and jugs- Locally sourced

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