I’ll tell you what’s common in platonic love, Galentine’s day, Valentine’s day, Teddy day and all the days in the world. The word is love and not nausea! I have never in my life celebrated Valentine’s day but we are strong in expressing the language of love in this house. We always order ice-cream for 2 even if the other isn’t actively in the plan. We are almost always each other’s human blanket establishing “contact” all the time and we’ll skip a lot of things to curl up and see flix. And I can tell you, that these gifts not only make for great gifts to say thank you for the love the person brings in your life but also makes more sense than a giant teddy bear.

A Great Breakfast Tray

With breakfast or without, a great breakfast tray is a keeper. Because like a good marriage it supports you in sickness (yeah, hot soup) and in health (chocolate croissant please) without the fear of spilling food! Choose one with a handle and one that looks good even as a part of vignette if you are into home decor like me. This tray is from ShopHollyHock and you can buy it here

Solid Tshirts- Never Enough

I found this very cool brand last year called Shibusa and I love their T-shirts. They have a men’s section too!

A Cool Carafe

Men will appreciate. Women will appreciate. And most importantly, your body will appreciate. Love this teal Juliette Carafe by GlassForest and if you want to do a little galentine gifting, there’s a pretty pink one too! The one I have. Check this out!

GlassForest literally has the best glassware in India and you can check for yourself here.

Brass Cocktail Stirrers

We all need them. They also magically disappear. Unless they are this beautiful and shiny that you just cant miss them! These cocktail stirrers by ToppBrass is one of my personal favourite and they make for an excellent gift for both him and her. For valentines day and ahead. Buy Here

A Magazine holder

Men or women, magazines and books often find themselves on top of tables collecting dust and it’s good to give them a space! The Pure Concept Home in Kala Ghoda store has beautiful gifts for the one who likes all things home and this is one of my favourite magazine holder ever!

A set of succulents

Easy to keep indoors, looks straight out of my farmhouse dreams and well, who doesn’t like plants right? Bloombombs has been my single favourite place to buy all things flowers and this Valentine’s Day she has limited edition succulents for the ones who prefer greenery over flowers. Also, you have to love Chistin for carefully choosing the planters! Ceramic , great shape and I love the slightly pearly glaze! (may vary)

Great gift, 100 points for choosing a sustainable gift sand plastic too! Buy Here

Utility lights for cupboards

Sometimes, it’s the gesture that counts. My husband used to struggle finding clothes in the cupboard so an IKEA light didn’t just light up the cupboard but his face too. These lights are also great for cabinets in the kitchen. Find IKEA RAMSTA lights here.

Tea or Coffee

Good tea rocks our boat. Good coffee must come before Monday emails. We are dependent on our beverages and I am not even going to lie! Skip the teddy, give some tea this Valentine’s day or Galentine’s day. My favourite brand is Stories by Satori and Vahdam. I also absolutely love Lopchu.

Handpick a few local flowers

Bougainvillea, Moringa, hibiscus- all local, all beautiful. If the person you love really likes flowers, a hand tied bouquet will beat any of that I gurantee

Make them a nice meal

From vada pav to sourdough bread; from pies to mediterranean salad- our one bowl recipe section has a little something for everyone! I mean, come on, who wouldn’t give in to the love of good food right?

So, tell me, what are you gifting? A gift? A gesture? Im all ears and I’ll share the best ideas on my instagram stories!

Toodles XO

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