Distressed furniture? Why would someone want to put their furniture to distress? Well, because imperfections are beautiful. It is imperfections that lend character to an otherwise mundane piece of wood, tell stories and define a piece for what it is, for what it’s endured. Hop on! {Also, before photo at last}Distressed Furniture

Now before we jump on to our distressed furniture DIY, let’s quickly tell you what distressed mean in decor world. Distressing is a technique which makes a piece of wood appear aged and older than it actually is, giving it a time-worn and weathered look. Ironic how its treated as a refinishing technique when the fact is, a weathered furniture is anything but “finished”. In simple words, it is a technique to make a new piece of furniture look old, weathered and beautifully aged through times.

Distressed Chair 1
A typical characteristic of distressed furniture is that you will find just some of the paint removed from certain areas but not all. It is carefully sanded down at certain places to expose the wood grains beneath the paint, and also to showcase the several layers of paint speckled over wood underneath. The entire process gives it a vintage look which can be further styled according to your decor style.

My grandmother will go bonkers on this, but it is true that distressed furniture is in vogue today, and has become a popular design style: take a look some of the fabulous international home decor blogs and you’ll see how chipped and distressed furniture is taking the world by storm.

Oh and btw, the final finish is also called “patina”.

Asus + Distressed Chair 1Personally, I love distressed furniture. You know, the faded parts are like scars on our body. Over the years they become our friend. They stay as a reminder, as a lesson, as teaching. They are life experiences. And I will never want to go down without a few on mine {which I already have methinks} Shiny, new, perfect doesn’t cut it for me. It’s too good to be true- too shiny to be commanding love, and too perfect to exude homeliness, familiarity and warmth. For me, its furniture where I can run my hands on a dent and think of the silly memories that lies buried in the grain.

Not to mention that distressed furniture also quite go with my wannabe beach house decor which is now dancing in rustic, French farmhouse frenzy. Right now, I am loving everything burlap and gunny and grain sacks and apron checks.

Asus + Distressed chair 2
A couple of you {infact a many of you} asked me via FB and mail to do a tutorial on how to make distressed furniture, so here it is.

Honestly, it’s quite simple. After you have primed and painted the furniture- and it has dried completely- use a sander or a fine grit sandpaper to sand away some of the paint from the surface of it, with emphasis on the edges. Very gently remove some of the paint to let the underlying wood show through. But there are certain things to take care of while sanding:

Do you want a bare wood look or partially bare look

If you want bald patches of wood to show through, use a rough grit. But do not scrub too hard or you might damage the wood below. For partial bare look, a fine grit is good enough

Distressed Furniture

Where should I sand To Get a Distressed Look?

Definitely on the edges or at places which you think will be subjected to more wear and tear. The edges, top of a carving if any {see the little round discs on my chair- I have sanded the top only} near the back rest and so on. Never sand on flat areas unless they are near the edges. And just in case you think you would like some distressing on a flat surface, make sure it’s well sanded off.

Distressed Furniture: What should I do after distressing?

For a vintage look, you can add wood stain on top. For a rustic look, keep it as is.

Asus _ chair 5You can style your distressed tables in many ways, ranging from traditional Indian to Shabby Chic and Nordic: It’s completely up to you.

For a beautiful ethnic, Indian style paint your table or chair a dark bottle green and then sand it. You can use brocades with it to enhance its look.

For shabby chic and rustic style, paint over with white and then distress the furniture.

As for me, I have paired them with linen and use them as my dining chairs.

Collage 2

Oh and btw, you should see the before. Picked two of these for 1200 bucks and I am dancing right now. What do you think of the before and after? Let me know!


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