Happy Republic Day fellas, my countrymen. A teeny member of this crazy republic is saying hello to you with a DIY nautical tray- come have a cuppa coffee and some fresh bread.

It’s a beautiful day here; the husband and I have begun our day over some scrambled eggs, cocoa dusted coffee and republic day parade in the capital, broadcasted in DD. But he is to go soon for the day. It’s a public holiday here in India, and a perfect day to record some bass guitar you see 😉

So, yeah, comeon, hop on here and we can do some whitewashing. together over a cuppa; talk politics, bravery or DIY as you please. I have the entire home to myself and my crafts, the head’s spinnin with possibilities, the white paint is staring at me at winking and there is coffee. You can’t say no now, can you?

nautical tray makeover 4


When Pallavi from Thatdelhigirl asked me if I would be interested to write for her online magazine, which is about to come out soon, I lapped it up. Had some time in my hands, I adore that girl and I’ve been wanting to give a tray a nautical makeover: this was the perfect excuse.

You know, this house had been craving for a tray but the options outside are so blah that I’d rather use a plate. Worst part is, most trays available out there are cheap plastic, finished with a glossy coat which doesn’t hold any sort of paint for long, even you want to give it a makeover. So I picked up a tray from Hobby Ideas (they have premade trays in plain wood which you can keep as is or with a dollop of makeover love, like moi) from their ‘decoupage’ section and promised myself, no floral decoupage shall ever touch this beauty. Not that I have anything against it but Im tired of floral trays. Unless it’s anthropologie, I’ll skip florals 😉

For this house, it has to be nautical, sailor love laden, simple, classy and one that anchors right in! Let’s get to the tutorials.

Nautical tray makeover 2

How To DIY a nautical tray


A tray- preferably wooden

White paint- I used Asian Paints pure white

A blue sharpie

Jute ropes

Fabric Glue


Give your tray two coats of paint, sanding once in between with a fine grit. Please let it dry completely before you sand or you’ll have wet paints on sand paper and it’ll be difficult to cover up.

Next, draw the anchor with a sharpie. You can use a paint brush too if you want.

A trick to make your design exactly on the center is to cut a piece of paper that fits the inside of the tray. Mark the mid points in the paper, longitudinally and latitudinally. Draw lines with the help of a scale. Take the paper out, fold it in half and cut a rectangle, keeping 3″ from the center on all sides. Place it back and then make your design. It will be on the center.

Nautical Tray makeover 3

Next, wrap coir/jute rope on the handle. Once you are done wrapping, brush fabric glue on it. This way, it won’t come off.

Last step, brush fabric glue on top of the tray. You can use clear coat as well. I just had glue so I used it. The purpose will be met.

Oh wait, there is one more last step….take it to bed, dunk some coffee, get a book and chill the eff out. Or ofcourse, you can get a beer, a movie and popcorn: spilling things on your bed is the last of your concern now. Dirty it all, in style 😉

That’s about it from me today, have a wonderful day and remember, keep it stylish!


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