It’s 12:49 A.M here in India and I have finally finished whitewashing both sides of a horrible wooden partition, had my share of rum for the day and am sitting here writing decor journals..God, I must be pathetic. And of course, to add I am smelling of emulsion and turpentine. Even my expensive Arabia perfume isn’t working on it.

Gah…I feel like a marie biscuit in piping hot tea. Tired, Vulnerable and almost breaking.

I’ve had this horrible wooden partition lying in my bedroom, just above the aircondition and I have had it hidden from public with the help of dropcloth. Ive been meaning to get on this for a while. This is what it looked like…

Ac Slide before


This is how it looks after two coats of white. I am really inclined towards lettering…what do you think? Some beautiful typo would do it yeah?

AC slide afterWhat would you do in this tabula rasa?


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