It is all very Heston-ish. The whole thing about coffee. Forget about smelling; say coffee thrice and you might actually wake up without even touching the cafe-au-lait! Our brain does some weird chemistry laced somersault with the very utterance of coffee, much like how your cat in a classic-devil-360-headturn looks at you when you open a packet of cotton balls, and it’s kinda kickass! And in a rather similar Heston-ish moment, I figured, that maybe, to feel fresh and awake (and like I am in one of my favourite cafes) I don’t necessarily have to drink that much coffee & fill my poor esophagus with stomach acid but… I just have to smell it! Trick the brain?

When Heston like Gusteau paid me a visit

I was pottering in my kitchen around 11-ish, on a drab Monday morning, to fix myself a cuppa. Pramila makes tea in the morning which we have but my brain doesn’t wake up. It needs a bit of coffee kick to actually start- like an old rusty engine. But unlike Monday, I found myself in an odd place when I figured that I missed calling in our monthly packet of roast. I went to Panchgani and thought I’d order from there and then I forgot. In short, “Holy shit. CRISIS”

I stared at the empty can for a while, blaming myself for not keeping a list, and opened the can to dunk it in the sink. Immediately though, I was engulfed in this heady, gorgeous caramel-y, fruity, roasted, tasty deliciousness of smell. It put a smile on my face, took the crankiness away (a sliver) and I stood there sniffing the jar, thinking coffee is indeed the sober man’s cocaine!

How incredible is the human body. And how incredible is our sense of smell and it’s effect on us. And how very incredible is the fact that maybe you can cut down on caffeine and yet, get the best of your morning coffee! Cool right?

So I rounded up a few coffee scented home fragrance ideas that you can use to feel awake and energized

Idea 1: Buy or make your own coffee scented candles

Get in soy wax, coffee essential oil, wax colours, wick & coffee grounds. Melt soy wax, add colours, pour over wick and add coffee essential oil. Let it harden. If you want to buy, Joyous Beam Candles have a lovely mocha brew! Buy here.

Idea 2: Make a coffee ground votive

Use up those old coffee grounds. Press it in a bowl, add coffee essential oil and add a tealight! Divine! These are also great for keeping in bathrooms or kitchen!

Idea 3: Make a DIY coffee scrub or buy it

Whack in used coffee grounds, a glug of olive oil and a spoonful of coarse sugar. Mix it up. Now scrub scrub till you shine shine and also smell of coffee! What a whammer of a thing this is. Plus I have been told that coffee grounds help with reducing cellulite- and I choose to believe it because this is the only acceptable idea for getting rid of them. The rest involves exercise. God no!

I also found an old photo from my wordpress site to show you. Haha, back when I had a point and shoot camera.

Btw, if you want to buy coffee scrub, there are tons of options in the market that you can choose from. I never bought one in my life so I wouldn’t want to recommend though the coffee serum by caffeine is quite nice!

So there you have it! Alternate ways to feel the coffee kick minus the acidity! But now that we have spoken about coffee so much, I do need a cuppa. No, just a whiff won’t do- not when I have written atleast 400 words about it!

Off for my joe. You stay cool yo!

Love, Rukmini

2 thoughts on “Monday Moodlifter: Coffee scented everything to make you feel awake!”

  1. I make the coffee scrub all the time just for smelling divine after that hehe. What you wrote about just the smell making you energetic is so true!

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