What paint, what shade, where to get it from- it’s all in this blog. I am trying to make permanent content everyday so you and I don’t have to be dependent on instagram for every single query. I do understand that it’s fast and instant with the tools insta has but imagine having to answer one single question over and over again! It’s insane really. So from now on, i’ll collate all your questions and address it over here so we have it stamped in time. Haha. Or atleast on wordpress!

To be honest, I am not in the best frame of my mind today. I thought about mum a lot last night. While I know most things and we spoke every week, and yet I keep thinking what is it that I didn’t ask. What is it that I don’t know. How was she before she was our mother. What were her favourite flavours though I know she liked Biryani and fish and chips from Mac. What more could I have known? Within, the void is also strong and thriving today. Death of your mother makes a big round cannonball hollow within you which becomes a monster on its own. It latches on to you with deep deep tentacles and while on most days its dormant. On chosen days it burrows within your flesh shutting your whole world down. Today is one of those days. So I seeking refuge in colours. Sorry about the sobby behaviour really. But in case this whole thing reads a bit disconnected (and I take utter delight in the flow of an article) you know the head is a little funky!

Anyway, without much further ado

Living room colors

On the Tv wall, I have Asian Paints Ice Age. It’s a gorgeous warm grey and adds a subtle contrast with the white furniture. The rest of the room I have Asian Paints Absolute White. Both in matte. My furniture is painted in BR white which is the base shade.

Rest of it is exposed wood and varnished.


In our bedroom, We have Asian Paints Salt White + Asian Paints Night swimming on the walls which is going to change soon! Now, while I like the whole blue and white contrast, I think the cool tone doesn’t work with the light in here. So we are changing it to a warm grey wallpaper!

Our Bed is painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen. My study is exposed wood and the current chairs are painted with Asian Paints Drones Club Green– a gorgeous, gorgeous matte green


Our kitchen has removable wallpaper on the walls and it’s spongeable. The ceiling is painted in Asian Paints BR White. The bathrooms are also BR White however in my master bath, we have our Dopati Wallpaper in the ceiling area. Dopati is from our own store but its discontinued now.

A Few paints I always keep handy

I always have three paints handy- A. Asian Paints BR White – which is the base paint. B. A can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen. C. A small can of Indian Copper by Asian Paints Royale.

The first one is great of furniture touch ups. The second makes practically anything neutral and yes it works on metal, terracotta, glass, ceramic and fabric. The third is my favourite paint to turn anything into that perfect copper utensil. The copper is so cute! I love it. Here’s a vase I painted with it.

A Few Tricks to keep handy when painting

  1. When painting a wall, always try a swatch out. Why? Because on walls paints look slightly different than they do in paper cards. Plus the intensity of light that you get on that wall can also change how it looks and feels. Don’t skip this.
  2. Most wall paints work on furniture. Specially Asian Paints Royale. Haha. They do!
  3. Oil paints in lighter shade tend to yellow. So always use water based paints.
  4. Keep a 2″ and a 4″ brush handy. 2″ is great from trims.
  5. If you drop paints on the floor, let it dry. Then clean it with a putty knife. Wet paint can become very messy.

Well that’s it! Simple and helpful. If you are using these shades, do tag me so I can see how they look at yours.

Off to get some coffee XO

2 thoughts on “A complete list of paints we use in our home”

  1. Very well written article. Precise and concise. Sorry about your mother. I think it’s ok to feel bad and be moody on few days. Shows how much we loved them.

  2. Thanks for this Rukmini. Am a Annie Sloan chalk paint fan too…big time. Am going to paint a wall in my living room. So the tip on cleaning up dripped paint is gold for me.

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