After much contemplation, I have decided to let go of the beautiful blue in our bedroom. Hahahaha. Honestly, I kept it this long because of Rohan. He wanted it. But it’s time. It’s too blue and I am over it. But, this time around, I have decided to add a little interest with pattern in over here – one that satisfies my love for farmhouse aesthetic and my husband’s penchant for dark colours. But that’s not the only reason why I wanted to talk about wallpapers.

We are so afraid of wallpapering! I really had to bust that out.

Especially in Rentals! Right from will the glue spoil the wall to what if I don’t like it, there is a plethora of inhibitions that stops one from experimenting, when it comes to wallpapering. Now that we are staying at home a lot and we are looking at changes in and around our homes to keep us inspired, I thought it’ll be fabulous to show you all how to ace at wallpapering. And not just that, how to choose the right wallpaper for you.

It all begins with a little bit of visualization and basic photoshop.

But for now, here are our wallpaper options with two different lay out possibility

Also, we collaborated with Pride furnishings, a Mumbai based design and export house that has graced homes worldwide (including celebrity homes) with its furnishings since 1971, to bring it out to you. Pride furnishings has wallpapers that are designed inhouse and also exports wallpapers from UK and USA to give you wall treatments that are totally gorgeous. I chose two beautiful patterns- Savuti and Malabar & they are both imported from UK.

Full scape, Savuti in grey

Half scape, Savuti in Grey

Though I have somehow made my mind up, I do think, I am open to change.

Love the understated playfulness that this African garden brings to the room. The curved patterns resonates with me while the dark colour resonates with my husband. That’s his zoom call background guys. Haha!

Full Scape, Malabar in Charcoal

Half scape, Malabar in charcoal

I love big paisley and I cannot lie! Love the print, the pattern and the mood. All of it. But! Too much for a small room?

You all decide. Tell me in the comments section what should we go for!

Alright, off!

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