On this week’s favorite finds, it’s bits and bobs for your monsoon home, and one that I thin you’ll totally love! We have two cool monsoon gears, a few home improvement and freshening agents, a little for your skin and a bit for your soul. And barring the gummies that I have just ordered, I use the rest and can totally vouch for it!

Monsoon essentials for the mind

Sage & Clary Sage

If there was one herb I could give my life to, it’ll be sage. Both sage and clary sage. Now, both of them quite different in terms of properties and smell when burnt (sage is unsafe for cats, clary sage is not) and yet these two sage-y smells just get me going. Clarifying, soothing and so beautiful- I love smudging sage sticks in the house every week and burn clary sage oil at home in a diffuser daily. At night. Clary sage has anti-depressant effects and also lowers your stress and blood pressure. Sage has been used for centuries to clarify and cleanse a person or a space. Honestly, I don’t know if it does cleanse but it certainly has calming properties. And I love that.

On dreary, rainy days, these two keep me uplifted and grounded.

Monsoon essentials for the skin

Tea tree oil, a great scrub that is full of olive oil and an awesome night serum

Monsoon means sticky skin. A drop of tea tree essential oil in your fav toner will make it feel fresh and less oily. I also add it in my moisturizer. For a month now, I have been using this body scrub and night serum by essentiallyorganic_ikigai. The scrub is sooooo good! In summer and monsoon, I don’t even need an extra layer of cream after I have used it in bath. Full of olive oil and ayurvedic goodness, the scrub is insanely awesome. The night serum again is really nice! Smells good, the skin stays supple till a very long time and absorbs super quick. I use it at night after cleansing and toning.

Monsoon essentials for home

Umbrella stand, clorox, anti-bacterial wet wipes

Still keeping your umbrellas in the balcony? Switch to a nice little umbrella stand. It’ll save you a lot of unwanted soppy places at home. Also, keep a bottle of clorox handy. If you have mildew and mold, spray clorox. The mold will go. You can also use it on your wicker furniture.

Monsoon essentials for stepping out

Gumboots, a cool white umbrella and sanitizing wipes

Nothing like a pair of cute gummies to add spring in your step on a rainy day and I found the perfect one for me! I also epic love this white umbrella that looks so nice with its brown handle. Almost classic. But then again, don’t forget to carry a pack of sanitizing wipes specially when heading out this monsoon because embracing joy doesn’t necessarily mean embracing germs!

Links to all product we use or ordered

Umbrella link: Buy Here Floor Cleaner: Buy Here Happy Boots: Buy Here Night repaid Serum: Buy Here Umbrella Holder: Buy Here Body Shop Oil: Buy Here Clorox mold repellant: Buy Here Sage Smudging Sticks: Buy Here White Candle + Lavender Candle: Buy Here Face Serum: Buy Here Body Scrub: Buy Here Wallpaint: Buy Here Sanitizing Wipes: Buy Here

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