Hide where you can, arrange aesthetically when you cant! Your neighbourhood decor-aunty is here today to tell you how to tackle electrical wires in a rental apartment without spending a penny and I know this is better than candy, if I had to give you something for poppin’ in here. Welcome!

Side Note: Man, Rohan talks sooooo much with his team. All the time. I sit to write at 2. I finish at 6 p.m. Because he is constantly talking. It’s legit to crib about your co-workers. Absolutely legit. Please.

Main note: So today we will discuss a few things you can do to hide those ugly electrical wires at home. A few of you – through years- have been asking me to do the blog but I didn’t do by far because I myself didn’t get to arrange them. Hahahaha. A friend, however, recently pointed it out to me that “bro, you need to arrange those wires”, and I was hanging my head in shame. Ah! I have put it away too long!

That very night I went ahead and ordered a lot of electrical wires-arrangement-stuff but they are literally taking me an entire life. So this weekend I went around hiding and arranging wires in my home, sans anything but a few white clips, so it’s accessible and yet not visible. I mean please, I do have shame yeah?

Also, note: I will do a blog on how to case electrical wires as soon as the casings come in. This is a quick do-up for a clean looking house. Which I think is most of us.

The unruly, junkies: Those TV Table electrical wires

Yes, there is dust which I will clean. But the wires are managed!

Ideally, a nice wire over can be installed and I have ordered a whole lot of things from Amazon which are still in transit.

Firstly, unknot everything. Then carefully wound extra length of wires and tape them. Keep behind TV. The wires that run from behind the TV, goes behind the console. I have added little white clips behind the console to hold them. The charger wire also went back but the end plug is rested on the table for easy charging.

Here’s the area from the front. You can’t see nothin’! Also, this is why you should invest in a good console. A lot can be hidden when you want if you have a good console. I will show you more photos in a day. I need help to move the console.

How to manage Study Table Wires

In here, I clipped the main extension cord wire to the wall. The lamp cord, I wound it up and taped it. Then hung it behind the table. The table has a small ledge on the top which is 2″ more than the table so the wire fits in snug.

Tada! Simple hacks. Max impact. Also, every monsoon, this part of our home sheds skin and I can’t do anything about it. No amount of waterproofing helped. But who cares.

How to add electrical wires ashthetically

There will be times where you will be able to hide nothing. Haha, let alone wires. But unlike the others, exposed wires do have a solution.

a) Consider symmetry: If you are adding lights at a place where there is no source of power, you will need to pull power from the switch board or the socket near by. In which case, consider symmetry. Think how symmetrically can you wire the lights. See our living room lights for example. I could have easily added a diagonal straight line from the source but I used a bit of extra length and brought down the wire in a straight line to the height of my focus lights and then pulled it straight.

Similarly, in our living room chandelier, we pulled the wire very close to the ceiling and brought in at a straight angle over the dining table. Pulling wires close to ceiling and flooring helps you hide wires better.

b) Colour it the colour of your wall To mask electrical wires, colour your wires the same colour as your walls. They will practically be invisible. In my bedroom, we have coloured it the same shade as our wall. Alternatively, choose lights with cords that match your wall colour. Lampshades for example. See how we chose this IKEA uplighter in white cording so we can keep it in our living room without wire-fear.

c) Get Creative: Boy, you never know what an extra length of wire can do. Check this out from Homeedit

That thing about wire concealers + Boxes

Now, like I said, I am still waiting for my wire management things to come in but if you want a cheat sheet on hiding wires, this is for you. I will update this blog with the tools once I have added and uploaded the photos! So stay tuned.

My eye lids are drooping on the floor so I better get a coffee because I have to look for my eyes. As for you guys, here are the links to things I bought so you can keep them ready when I blog!

List of things I bought for wire organizing

Cable organizer: Buy Here TidyUpBox: Buy Here White clips: Buy Here Rabbit ear plugs: Buy Here

So, as soon as they come, I’ll be on it. But for now, I have a nice little pad with no wire mumble jumble! Pretty happy at that!

Okay, ciao!


4 thoughts on “How to hide wires + wire aesthetically in a rental apartment”

  1. This is such an informative post Rukmini. Although many of these suggestions are right in front of us all the time , we generally tend to believe they can’t be such simple solutions ! Thankyou for bringing it out in your post, now I know it’s as simple as that!

  2. Thank you for always keeping it real, Rukmini! Tying/ clipping the wires together really is a great solution as sometimes tables won’t have enough space to accommodate a wire organiser-box.

    Also, those water- damaged walls seem to be the story of every house in Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai. Request you to please share some insights (in case you find any in the future) on taking care of such situations, once and for all (I don’t know if that’s even possible though)!

    Thanks again. Love and hugs 🙂

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