Firstly, a good wire basket is to your home what a slab of good butter is to your cooking. It’s everything! And there is no substitute. Secondly, “Decoganize” is decorate + organize. Yes, it’s a term I invented (will have to google search in case someone already did) and it’s a rather handy term if you live in small rental spaces where a lot of storage needs to be done in plain sight, without making any permanent changes to the house.

So buckle up. This is going to be fun. I will show three ways you can use wire baskets beautifully at home to keep things organized and also make it look very beautiful.

Cottage-ify your dining table with wire baskets

Still keeping a steel spoon holder and a big tray to hold your dining table essentials? Basket it babe. Hahaha. Oh my god, I have never called a single person babe by far. I have called people, Love, Pretty Please, You Amazing woman/Man, A piles laden asshole but never babe. Anyway, that’s a discussion for an other time. For today, it’s baskets and I’ll take wire baskets discussion over people anyday!

Add whimsy to your towels and toiletries

An incredible way to store your towels and toiletries in your bath is wire baskets. Keep it on top of your cistern, Hang it with a hook or two or simple rest it on a pedestal. They look so good. Very, very good.

Decorate your center table with things you need

Books, candle stands, a scented candle, diaries and pen, flowers can all go in a nifty wire basket- and you’ll find things quickly when you need it to. Essentially utility, this method of storage can also double up as your decor. And no, no pretend decor. Real decor. Take a look!

In our home, we have wire baskets pretty much everywhere. In the kitchen, in our living room, bath and also in our laundry. Because we stay on rent, I find it easy to move around and often shuffle baskets for a quick change too! Earlier, I have spoken at lengths on wire baskets and how it can help you organize better. These ideas were not included so here you go!

We buy our wire baskets from OrganiseWithEase. Run by Rohini, it’s a brilliant Mumbai based initiative that sells organizing essentials and also help people organize through consultation. It’s also female run so checks all our boxes!

Happy decoganizing!

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