If I get more than 10 questions on a single subject on Instagram, I write it down because that means it’s my new blog topic. This time around, you all asked for curtains and curtain rods and today, we are going to chat about that.

In the course of the blog, I will also tell you how to choose the right curtain rod for your home, where to order curtain rods online, the benefits of extendable curtain rods, the many curtains in my home and where to buy the same curtains online.

So yes, lots of dope in this one on curtains- save this! But first, a sip of the coffee!

How to choose the right curtain rod & it’s as important as choosing the curtains itself

For years I had those ubiquitous aluminium curtain rods in my home and I won’t shy from saying that irrespective of them falling every time I moved the curtains, I have been a mix of lazy and lost when it came to changing them. Why? Because the whole idea of scouting for that perfect curtain rod was just too unappealing chiefly because I know I’ll have to look a whole lot to actually find something I like. You know, inside I already compromised and settled for the weird ones because the scope of finding simple, clean window treatments was already looking thin.

They used to look really weird so I never used to photograph them.

And now that I know of Deco Window, I often wonder how easily we ignore the hardware section in our home. Perhaps because traditionally it’s always something that the fitting guy gets and you choose from what’s available in your local store and whatever is the best among the lot goes up.

The fact that the correct window treatment can make your room look considerably better; than it can help you get the best of your drapes and sheers are something we never quite think of. Hardware is to decor what seasoning is to food and without that, it’s all a big waste. Quote me on this.

And now that I spoke of Deco Window, let me introduce them to you

Deco Window is an Indian curtain hardware company dedicated to bring beautiful window treatments. They were huge abroad but have recently opened their collections to India

I have written about this on and off, and yet again, all the great decor things we lust for in global homes go straight from India and often we have to choose from what’s left of it. Good on Deco Window to finally open up their collections to us so we can finally move on from those ribbed aluminum rods and flimsy brackets.

In collaboration with 11 retail chains and more than 600 stores spread all over the country, Deco Window offers wide-ranging window and one can get Add on Rods, Special Brackets & Rings along with soft furnishings such as curtains, tiebacks and cushions to give you endless possibilities when it comes to your windows. In short, No amazon like anxiety and a source you can count on.

The whole idea of a double curtain rod, which is also extendable was suggested by them

And it helped me in 4 very practical ways

A) I love sheers in my home through out the day and yet would want the mornings to be not so bright at the break of dawn. In a single curtain rod, no matter how meticulously you close the drapes, there is still a sliver of sheer in between which allows a lot of light to seep in. With a double curtain rod you can eliminate that completely

B) A single curtain rod also is not a great idea if you have heavy linen drapes. Let alone the flimsy aluminium ones. Because they bend.

C) Because this is an extendable rod, I can choose to use it somewhere else later where the window dimensions are different. Massive massive plus point in my books and so good for renters. Also, extending the rod to 3″ to 4″ outside the window frame makes your window look larger. Which is what I have done.

D) Because I photograph a lot, sometimes I need diffused natural light. I love how I can control the intensity of light coming in with different combinations. See the images below

The curtain rods are also incredibly easy to install. They come with a set of nails that you just have to drill. Then open the rods as per your window length and rest on the hoops. While changing the curtains, just lift the rods, change curtains and put them back. No opening brackets nothing! This is clearly the right curtain hardware & following are the curtain hardware rules if you want a curtain rod that adds to your decor.

The golden rules of choosing a curtain rod

  1. 2.5 cm & more should the diameter of your curtain rod. If its too thin, it’ll bend.

2. Choose an extendable rod that you can extend to atleast 3″ on both sides to make your window look larger

3. Choose a rod which has robust support brackets every 120 or 150 cm. I have 3 brackets.

4. Choose your curtain rod in a colour that’ll highlight your decor. For example, if you want a curtain rod to not show at all, choose it in a shade that’s closest to your wall. If you want a more modern look, choose it in a charcoal finish or in a colour that picks up the darkest shade in your home. I used it in my bedroom with a blue wall and I ideally wanted it gold but the charcoal works for now. Buy the same one here. So tell me, what colour will you choose for a yellow wall with dark furniture? Answer in the comments.

5. Pick finials wisely: Finials are the end part of a curtain rod, where the rod attach to the bracket. This is also where things get really hideous. If you listen to me, choose simple finials. They look classier than the decorative counterparts. But ofcourse, you do you. Take a photo of your room and compare finials by placing them on the photo. This will help you visualize. See what I chose for my farmhousey home.

See all the curtains rods here

The curtains in my home and sources

Yes, finally isn’t it! But you see, a poop curtain rod makes no sense with great curtains. So that had to be addressed first.

All solid linens are from @purefinefabric + the ruffled ones are made locally. If you all want, leave a comment and I will get in touch with you

The blue stripe ticking is from TheGreigeWarp and they have 2 more colours in this

And that brings us to the end of the crash course in curtains and curtain rods and I hope you will -like me- find the courage to change out those hideous curtain hardware. Haha, actually, wait, you need no courage. You do know about Deco Window now.

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