Hello! Welcome to reading me for an eternity and choosing to lend an ear. I appreciate you. Just as much as I appreciate this DIY Kitchen Rail that screams farmhouse style from every pore. But then again, that’s not the only reason why I love it so!

This DIY kitchen rail checks so many right boxes right! Renter friendly? Yes. Budget? Under 2k. Damage to the walls? Nope! High on style? Wayyyyyyy! Other than the command hooks which I think are too large, I can’t think of a single thing wrong with this. And such a great idea to optimize vertical space in your kitchen. Wonder what took me so long to get it done.

Halleluiah! Something sparked, something shone and I did it! And I am so happy with the result that I couldn’t sleep last night. The minute I was up, I ran to check if it still looks good- which- thankfully- it did. Hahaha, I have Christmas morning syndrome everytime I get a new furniture or make something. The minute my eyes open, my brain instantly goes – hey, new stuff. It’s crazy!

You know, I truly wish the contact paper worked in my kitchen. It would have looked so stunning. But it didn’t. I have to work around with black granite until I find a renter friendly DIY solution. But till it lasted, it looked soooo dope! See here

Maybe I should try it again but this time, line it with acrylic. Maybe. But for now, let’s give you all the links to the products I used here and you can buy it from my associate link if you wish. Here’s a simple step by step process.

What you would need for this DIY No Drill Farmhouse Kitchen Rail

List of things to buy:

A) Brass Rod: I used a 1/4″ thick because they tend to get heavy or else. Buy here

B) Lightweight S Hooks: Buy here

C) ABRO Spray Paint in golden shade: Buy here

D) Command Hooks, 2.2 Kg: Buy here

How to make DIY No Drill Farmhouse Kitchen Rail

Wipe your surface with Isopropyl alcohol to remove any dust and grime. Next, follow instruction on the back of the command hooks and install them. Please follow the instructions as given.

Next, rest the brass rod. Let it stay.

On a paper, lay the S hooks and spray paint them gold. Or ofcourse any other colour of your choice. Turn sides and spray paint the other side. Let dry for an hour or two.

Add hooks, add your essentials and you are done. RIDICULOUS. How can it be this easy!

Concerns: Won’t the kitchen cloth burn as its directly above gas?

No. Firstly, the one you see is hanging longer than the rest will be on the counter used for wiping hands. That won’t be there when the gas is on. Common sense has still not left the building you know. Haha. So yeah, I am safe.

As for the rest, they are high up. And if the flames don’t go about a feet high, they are safe too. Plus, the gas stove is slightly ahead but you may not be able to understand that from the photograph so I don’t blame you.

Well, and that’s it! Easy peasy. And yet, how pretty does it look eh?

Signing off in a hurry today because I have stuff to do but if you have been waiting to get that perfect kitchen rail, how is the time. Go do it.

Toodles. Rukmini

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One thought on “DIY Renter Friendly, No Drill, Farmhouse Style Kitchen Rail”

  1. More that I won’t want the cooking steams permeating the clean cloths…perhaps adding another rod next to your copper sieves?
    but yea, love this neat idea

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