Hello! Hello! Ladies and gents! How are you holding in your neck of woods? I am here for a quick blog and a super cool list of 25 items that we found on Amazon India- from shelves to pet beds- and one which we think are totally smash park when it comes to that calm and collected farmhouse style! Yes, yes, Amazon India. That place that sucks. Most of the time! Unless you are a grave digger who knows how to play with keywords and dig deep and bring out those gorgeous stuff hiding behind phone deals and a plethora of automatic dustbin ads. I am that person. You are welcome

Farmhouse style is all the rage right now and I think 2020 is what brought it in. The virus and the government in a sombre, sadistic barter collab shoved us all in the house and for once, we actually looked within than look out for what gave us joy. Well, not me! Most people. The good, outgoing, travel loving kind. I am a homebody anyway and I always sort of knew that the world outside is a little wonky.

And while people tried to find solace within the four walls, they figured that they can actually turn it into more than a place to crash. They can turn it into a refuge, a party pad, that perfect escape to the country side, a full scale office and school; quite surprisingly most were turning to homescapes that brought with it snippets of that distinct mellow, idyllic life of countryside as opposed to shiny chrome and steel.

Can you blame though?

But hurrah for the like of us who loved Farmhouse & Cottage Style since eternity: we now have more people in our old-lovin’-village. Tea & scones anyone?

Here is the link to everything in the photo

& I am hoping you will like it. Btw, if you do, come and tell me how you styled it. It’s always so much fun to see what you’re upto!

Happy Satursday to you!

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