Mustard and cognac are two shades my mother really adored. “Mustard”, she used to say, “is more mature than yellow and yet livelier than Amber; enough to brighten a dull day while soothe in a bright afternoon”. And I whole heartedly agree. Mustard is that sophisticated cousin of yellow that brings with it all the sunshine-ey qualities, characteristic of its gene and yet, without the brio of a 16 year old. It’s sharp, this color.

We have been doing #TruColorWeek on our instagram this whole week and will be continuing to do the series for two months, and I thought it’s only fair that the content stays permanently and not vanish within the ever scrolling community of the gram. Plus, I do know a few of you who never go to instagram and I wanted to give you all the first access to this. Thanks for subscribing to this blog even when it was pretty nascent! I love you.

The whole reason of doing Mustard and how you can get the best of the color in your home also stems from this whole misconception that I only like white as a color. Nope! Untrue. Sure I love neutrals and whites in most places but that doesn’t mean I don’t love colors. As a matter of fact I have quite a few colors in my home and they are all placed at points where they’ll add maximum impact. Including mustard!

The second reason being the fact that people are often quite weary of experimenting with colors let alone mustard. I have had this time and again, that oh Rukmini I love mustard but my home is dark wood and beige, and I don’t know how to do it. Well, the only way to know is actually doing it. Add in a slice of mustard. See how you feel. Then build on it. One needs to get over this fear of doing wrong and develop a relationship with color. Lend oneself into it. And this moodboard helps you do just that! Tell you how you can get in doses of mustard in your home without making it look like one big drum of “shorsher tel”!

Link to everything mustard is here

The bowls however are from FreedomTree and I will link all the FT products in my next blog!

Have fun. Don’t be afraid to wrong a little!


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