Of jealousy and wage; of parsley and sage, of spring and leprechaun.

Of four leaf clover, of an old book cover, green of grey days please be gone!

I don’t think there is any other color that finds so much expression as that of green and believe it or not, green is one of my absolute favorite color. I love the moodiness of deep, dark bottle green. I love the freshness of herb green. I love the old, nostalgia slathered hunter green and I adore moss green – oh, the drama of it all!

Although I use green scantily- or rather judiciously- I love them in and around my house and this week I will show you how you can use shades of green in your home to get the max out of the colour, in simple & doable ways.

For example,

Add a few deep green mix & serve bowls to your crockery collection

I like it. Okay, fair. But why would you buy that? Well, don’t. Green as a color is full of calming properties and what’s with us being sophisticated prisoners, we are finding ourselves even more drawn to green lately, as we are craving nature- now more than ever. And indeed a dash of green can add that much needed harmony, calmness, and energy to your space to lift your everyday life!

Don’t believe me. Just add a thing or two of green as see. And yes it can be your plants too!

I however have chosen these green bowls as my weapon of feel-good and I probably make food that fit in these, just so I can eat out of it. No, seriously! This bowl has now become synonymous to comfort and I look forward to my ramen nights. And its so important to have these sort of attachment; these sort of connections to things in your kitchen. Because then, everything becomes objects of inspiration and affection.

Plus, I think by virtue of its colour, these bowls can easily be a part of your everyday as well as your party table- and I like that kind of stuff. In short, you can tell, I bloody love them.

And today, I will also tell you one about one of my go to salad recipes- packed with good things, vegetarian and the perfect thing to have with some meat or even as is! I add boiled eggs but that is totally upto you

Note: As for the dressing, if you don’t like mustard oil, sub it with plain oil though i highly recommend a dash of the same.


Baby Spinach


Sunflower seeds


Almonds (slivered)

Red onion (optional)

Boiled Broken wheat- can use quinoa


1.5 tbsp honey + 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

+ 1 tbsp dijon mustard + 1 tbsp sunflower oil

+ 1 tsp lemon juice + A pinch of salt + 1/2 tsp mustard oil


Boil broken wheat as per instructions. I cook one cup of broken wheat with 2 cups of water until tender. Cool.

Next, wash the baby spinach leaves and add to bowl

Add cooled dalia or broken wheat, nuts, pomegrenate, onions (if using). Toss well.


Combine all the dressing ingredients in a bowl and add to your salad.

This recipe makes salad for two.

Here’s a quick video of the salad and the process!

Weeknights and simple food go hand in hand and I recommend a one bowl dinner in a cheerful bowl to save a dreary Monday- well, life’s a party if its a good green bowl!

Off. Coffee. And I have a fantastic cook book to read tonight!

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