So, let me tell you a story

I swear I just wanted to come here and show you all our favourite green soft furnishings that you can buy right here in India. But I have to digress. And it’s a happy digression.

Now, my whole point in stressing on the word India is the fact that for years we have lusted and longed and oggled at beautiful bedding – minimal, linen, subtle & in its wrinkliest best (for me atleast) but unfortunately the wants had to be buried deep somewhere with other wants because nothing good was ever available. I swear I have a stone in my soul – a sedimentary stone made of all the wants that never materialized. Stacked one on top of other. Unfulfilled. Hard.

But then something happened

The good & the lustworthy were always exported. Ofcourse it ended up in some beautifully lit, eye popping, 3000 sqft. home decor store somewhere in the 5th avenue- the online website of which gave a poor girl in India sleepless nights. What remained however, in most stores, is what the store owner chose as a result of mass demand. The mass chose that because that is what was supplied; creating a little tornado of shitty demand supply. But then, something happened. Pinterest & Instagram came in. And it brewed a small revolution. Suddenly the Indian market was exposed to global homes and it seriously gave us massive fomo! We were not ready to buy what “Rajkamal uncle” (Rajkamal is the name of the store, uncle is obviously the man of the shop) showed us. We wanted linen, solids, stripes and hello, farmhouse gingham and buffalo! We wanted that!

Circa 2015-16 I saw a surge of home grown brands and online stores with really pretty soft furnishings but we were still hesitant to shop online. Come 2019-2020- and thanks to all of us being home- Indian soft furnishing brands seemed to have mushroomed bountifully and man, great stuff to boast of too!

And hate you might, but Pinterest and Instagram had a huge role to play in shaping this soft furnishings market here in India. Today, we enjoy flax seed linen and coastal stripes and farmhouse prints all from the comforts of our home because the ones who adorned those glittery stores and our sleepless nights have turned inward and opened up their businesses to the common market in India. And I for one is so blissed out- one would say I have had opium.

Perks of writing about home decor from a very long time I suppose. Please can you address me as an interior writer and not as an influencer? Im not alcohol! I can be absynthe though in the light of the colour we are celebrating!

Our favourite green soft furnishings and links

Minty-Pistachio Block Printed curtains by TMBC Jaipur

Sublime. That is the word. Pair it with dark green and a bit of gold for that ultimate green on green bliss. Add orange or red and it looks just as brilliant! Fan of cool colours? Pair it with navy and tobacco! 100% cotton and non bleeding colors!

Pale Sage bedding By Pride Furnishings.

300 TC, Soft to touch and heavenly to sleep in, this sage bedding has our heart. It’s also coated with silver so it kills 99.9% bacteria (as claimed). What colours will you pair it with? Go grey and blush as you can see above. Or, pair it with darker sage and tan for a bohemian look. Want a bit of Scandinavian flair? Go sage + black and white! Endless possibilities

Deepest moss flat sheet- Kai by Saphed

This is probably my most favorite among all favorite simply because this also happened to be my mom’s favourite color. “Deep bottle green” or “deep moss” as she would often call it was everywhere in her wardrobe and I associate this color so much with mom that I don’t have a choice but to deem this my favourite. Made in pure linen, this feels like being wrapped in a blanket of moss alright! So yeah, 2 reasons why it’s bomb!

What will you pair it with? The true essence of this colour comes out when you pair it with other jewel tones or light toned wood. Looks fabulous with grey or candy notes like pink or lavender.

Fresh Sage ‘Back To Nature’ Cushions by The Greige Warp

I have had the good fortune of launching this with GW, and since then I knew I had to have it! Style it, celebrate it!

This particular shade I have found to gel along a lot with pastel shades as well as exposed teak and cream. See below an image I styled for them when they launched.

See what I mean?

Dull Sage Jacquard Woven Cushion by ALtrove

You know, if there was a trumatter in cushion form, this Victoria cushion will be it! I love how beautifully soft the woven front is. The olive velvet back. The intricate weaving. I touch it and I want to lie down infront of a fireplace on a cold day, with a book and this cushion! I love it so.

You can pair this with unwashed linen and beige as seen here but also lots of whites and pastel blues. You can also go tobacco or cognac for a moody, English study inspired decor.

Loving these? Leave a comment! It always brings a smile on my face.

4 thoughts on “Top 5: A Round up of our favorite green soft furnishings & bedding”

  1. I love your blogs and writing so much Rukmini that I might just say Marry Me (Ha Ha Ha ). Rajkamal Uncle goshhh you crack me up like sometimes I can read your blogs to just smile in silence. Undoubtedly you are an interior writer and stylist not an influencer and I so agree about the advent of Pinterest and Instagram doing this to our Indian market. I joined Pinterest way back before I had a Facebook account and now when I look at some of the pictures I saved then they kinda make me Happy.

  2. Hey Ms. Absinthe, this one is just to put that smile on your face. Also, for all the effort and passion you put into your work. Glad to have discovered you. Love your Insta posts and when possible, I catch up on the blog too. Keep inspiring ‘interior minions’ like me. Love and the warmest regards. 💙

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