Rough night last night. May have eaten something funky and may have visited the good old loo for more times than required but I will spare you those details. Actually, let me just go back to the first sentence.

Rough night last night! And I thought a bowl of cornflakes will be good.

Probably 2:30 ish, or 45, don’t quite remember. I parted the drapes- It isn’t raining. No idea why i did that because probably forever scared about those 75% dry clothes being wet all over again.

I tiptoed into the kitchen and pulled one of these sunshine yellow bowls. Poured myself some cornflakes and oat milk and tiptoed back into the living room and parked myself on the sofa. Put the reading light on and tucked into it fondly. There is something peculiarly home-like-comforting in a mixture of milk and cornflakes: it takes you back in time. A simpler time where mom would totter around and you’d let those crunchy flakes go all soggy because Heidi on TV. Then ofcourse drink the whole thing like it was a smoothie and cherish that cereal-y taste in my mouth as I ran to catch the school bus. Good times!

Back in the house, not a begging cat to be seen, not a squeak to be heard, but a few occasional crickets interrupting the canvas of night. And among all this vivid, beautiful, parallel thoughts, I thought to myself, “What a wonderful bowl”

Yellow, the colour, has this inherent ability to make us happy and cheerful- much like a dollop of sunshine after a long grey spell. I mean I have the same bowls in mint, in the same rack! Why did I pull these out? Subconsciously too, I think, our brain makes decision for us and it was a happy happy decision.

Similarly, the other day, I had this urge to eat something green. And I pulled out the green bowl and ate with such serenity in our balcony.

Believe it or not, colours affect us everyday, every minute and through a myriad of ways. And its always a good idea to have some colour in your home that helps you either express or feel a certain emotion intensely.

Coincidentally, all my joyful colourful bowls – or a lot of homedecor for that matter- are from Freedom Tree so I thought I’ll jot down my FT favourites. Also, such nice guys the FT guys. I really like them! Haha.

Here’s a list of my current favourites- all from Freedom Tree- and products that we use in our home daily; and one that brings us much joy!

Do you love Freedom Tree? Do you know about them? Lets get the comments section on fire!

Off for a cup of coffee. Black. No milk.


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