How to sleep better. I know some of you will be probably wondering {oh, wait very few in the age group of 18 follow me so I think that’s answered :)} what on dear earth is this woman talking about. Is it some hideous 1st and a half world problem because I just pass out..yada yada. Tell you what? You are probably thinking this because you are young. You are young and wild and carefree without a cat tugging at your feet at 6 in the morning, followed by the husband at 8 and then a plethora of doorbells to just set the mood. Of course, we are not stopping there but taking the bravery ahead with a full time job and a blog. When you are well in the other side of your 30 and juggling happy and not so happy chores, you’ll realize the importance of a good night’s sleep. You will realize that there is a smile when you crash at the end of the day and an unwillingness to leave it in the morning. You will realize how its not just a place to sleep away a whole night’s party but a place you want to get to as evening falls. Haha, it’s a tectonic shift within your mind and you just need your bed. And a good mattress really helps you take a major leap towards that. Better if its one of a kind and comes neatly packed in a mid size box.

Sleep Better with a mattress that’s literally out of the Box

You know this year I really wanted to primp up my bedroom game not with regards to just decor but also comfort. I was sleeping in a coir mattress for long which started to form lumps and giving me some really bad arm pains. A bed should be hygge. That’s it. No further descriptions required. And my bed was not hygge by miles. It was reality pinching on you forever. I kind of dealt with it for long but eventually I sort of got a little wonked with how it used to make me feel. In marathi, there is a word called “Kathan”. Which means hard. Haha, like hard hearted and stuff. And that mattress used to make feel like I am in army school.

So I began a “sleep better” crusade against agents of bad sleep and on one revolutionary night I found House of Bed. By some cosmic connection they found my email and wrote a sweet little email to me and I instantly sort of got sold. Okay, not instantly maybe but within one hour. Why? Because of 5 major apparent advantage points. When I digged deeper ad started using it, I found a whole lot of other things.

The Sleep Better Crusade winning points

a. It offers a very, very competitive price, and probably best in the market. Look for it. {The company runs an online model only without any middlemen which helps them cut overhead costs.
b. It offers a 100 nights free trial or full refund back guarantee so that consumers who are averse to online shopping can test the product.
c. They provide 10 years warranty.
d. They use only European grade latex and Memory foams, and the company is into making only mattresses. No pillow or cushions or any of that. So if they can built a business out of it, they better be good.
e. And most importantly, it can be packed in a box and poof! It’s a great thing that they home deliver but even if they didn’t it’ll fit in the backseat of my car! Without blocking my view.

Now mind you, these were the apparent reasons. I still had a choice to send it back if I didn’t like.

What happened when I started using the mattress

You know, often it’s a different story when you start using a product. You find flaws alright. And I also found one but it will not hinder my sleep better war for sure. And I’ll tell you what it is right upfront- I thought the lattice design on the mattress could have been replaced by a plain design. Because it’s a bit raised – the design-
my ocd bothers me. Hahaha, yeah that’s really just me. But other than that, I find 0 flaws.

In retrospect- and I kid you not- I find myself telling “I love my bed” out loud, every single day since I got home this. And I think House of Bed’s Royal Mattress really justifies its proposition.

1. It’s really, really responsive. {I will try jumping with a coffee cup in there but that’s for later} Contours snuggly and gives you this whole cocoon feeling. Haha and in my book its very good. I LOVE FALLING IN THIS BED AFTER WORK. Is there any audio visual effect that I can put here? To highlight the fact that is super good?

2. Pressure point Relief. Oh my god, its good. I remember of this pain in my left hand for ages now and I thought its chronic. It’s not. It was my bed. 2 weeks in this mattress and no pain. No really. Freaking freak. Pain gone!

3. It really reduces toss and turns and you don’t feel much if the other person is moving either. Good for Rohan because I get my moves when I’m sleeping only.

4. They say it breathes and keeps you cool and it might be true. But I sleep like a child in this- please remember that I have very thin sleep- so I barely get it.

So which mattress did I choose

House of Bed offers three distinct type of mattresses. Cuddly, Bouncy and Royal. Cuddly is memory foam which means its good for contouring and softens at appropriate points to support your body. Bouncy, as the name suggests is a 100% latex foam mattress that’s springy and super comfy! Haha aka HOTEL BED. And this was my primary choice. But the super good guys at HOB did a little questioning {old age, hand paint, hehe} and suggested that I choose the Royal Mattress which is a combination of Memory foam and Latex which gives you support as well as is springy. Royal is their most premium mattress and it really lives up to the expectation. I sink, I jump and I do a little dance.

So what’s the verdict?

Dude, please hear up. Get yourself a good mattress. It’ll sort your life in so many ways that you cant even imagine. In my sleep better crusade, one war has been won with House Of Bed and I highly, highly recommend them. I am using it and I won’t take chances with your health or wishes. Will I?

In the next episode of Sleep Better, we will talk about how we made this bed one fucking awesome bed there ever is and there is 1000 thread counts involved. Stay tuned.

Off now.
Severely late for work.

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