Egyptian cotton, 1000 Threadcount that feels like heaven and in pursuit of the perfect sleep: welcome ladies and gentlemen {28%} to our sleep better episode part II that talks about bedding and how a good bedspread can change the whole ballgame in a jiffy. Grab your coffee or wine {where are you in the world?} and let’s talk about this heavenly thing called 1000 Threadcount Egyptian Cotton- so kindly sent in by mytangerinetree as a part of their new premium bedding launch called the “MasterStroke”.

1000 threadcount, about My Tangerine Tree and collections

My Tangerine Tree is a nifty little decor outfit that houses premium bed and decor at a price that’s super affordable! And they have an eclectic mix of things in there which I think will appeal to a wide range of people.
Every year My Tangerine tree launches their collection for the year ahead and I am so thankful that this year they roped me in, in the festivities.

Their new range is called “Masterstrokes” and is a line inspired by art- whether florals, brushstrokes, geometric patterns or abstracts. Honestly, I thought the florals in Paris Platina {Their new collection has three distinct Range: Paris Platina which offers a mix of patterns and florals inspired by Paris and art, Mystique- a range that focuses on 4 yummy shades of lime, cream, teal and aqua and Snow White- a line that’s designed to bring in premium white bedding in 1000 Threadcount Egyptian Cotton for the connoisseurs of sleep like me, who wants to fall in a milky white bedspread after a long, long day} were really cool too if white didn’t have my complete loyalty! The collection is yet to be launched so stay informed till then in MyTangerine Tree’s social channels- Facebook and Instagram

Before I forget though, there is one thing that certainly caught my eye. And that is, The Paris Platina 4 comes with 4 pillow covers- each set offsetting the other beautifully! So for people who like layered beds, this is just about perfect. No running around to play match! That’s pretty thoughtful.

And now, for my {Hotel} bed!

You know, since the time I was like yay little, I was obsessed with hotel beds. We had nice beds at home but they were not “hotel beds”. And this year, a sweden trip just concreted this that I need a hotel like bed in my life. After a major mattress win, I wanted to get my hands on a bedspread that’s soft, keeps me cool and feels like heaven when I plonk. Ofcourse I have heard all about 1000 thread counts and how it’ll completely change the way you look at cotton so I took a straight leap at an 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton- the best there is. And can I tell you that the hype is all real! It really is amazing.

If you’ve ever come across a bedspread that’s slightly expensive and has 1000 TC and you wonder if it’ll make any difference, I am telling you, it will. You will feel so good about the money spent that you won’t regret even once.

The one that I have is 100% Egyptian cotton and comes with a lovely comforter and 2 pillow cases for 7999. But if you are willing to spend a tad more, My Tangerine Tree’s SnowWhite line gives you 2 luxurious fabric choices- Cotton Modal and Cotton Silk which is a mix of 65%/80% cotton and 35%/20% modal/silk respectively. Yet to try them on though.

So this Thread Count. Does it really matter?

Well, its never just the thread count but quality fabric- in this case cotton. More thread counts mean denser fabric which feels good to touch. But if its bad cotton, it can turn out to be a very bad canvas like cloth. So over thread count, always consider the quality of cotton. Thankfully mine is amazing and I am walking like an Egyptian!

Thank you My Tangerine Tree for sending this over and coompleting my hotel bed dreams. We are far away from Diwali but the festivities has sure begun in this household.

Sings* Sleep like an Egyptian*
See y’all!

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