Millennial Pink. The heck is that? I mean I am only just getting over “hipsters” and getting to know millennial, though I am still very rough on that concept, and you give me Millennial Pink. Is it a joke or what? Haha, Au contraire. It’s not a joke and Millennial Pink is very very real. And the design world is gooing crazy over it. If you are a Millennial Pink novice- like me before a week- take a look at this. In all honesty, I think the colour is amazing and has a lot of scope through out mediums and design styles.

Talk to me about Millennial Pink

So Millennial pink- according to me- is Pantone Rose Quartz with a bit of blush added to it. Think about a pink that’s Salmon with a slathering of grapefruit, pale dogwood and apricot. I know. It’s very complicated. More importantly, pale dogwood kya hai? Sounds like a disease. But it’s not. It’s a legit Pantone Shade. 13-1404! Anyway, so it’s more like a pink that had coral grandfather and a brown grandmother and also white mother and blush father. Like #ffb6c1 but lighter. Haha, it’s just getting complicated by the sentence.

Seriously speaking, it’s a good shade of dusty pink and it goes with a lot of other colours- I can literally see it rock magic with navy and black or bottle green and black. Or if you want to explore the same shade with pastels and metallics you can do that too.

I don’t know where I chanced upon this. Perhaps on one of those late night phone reading sessions. But I sure did chuckle. I swear I chuckled at the rubbishness of the word “millennial” and “oh, where is the world heading”. I am an old soul and I don’t like all this trendy names for a shade of pink. like I would have probably liked it if was Nebula Pink or something. But Millennial Pink is utterly unacceptable.

And somewhere in between the monologues which sounded something like what a rubbish trendy faff, I figured maybe I should make peace with it. Open my old lady jacket and try and embrace the “new” because everyone else is. {And then somewhere within that old lady said, ah sell out}

So where did this whole Millennial Pink start

A tricky topic. Some say- and this is most likely the scene- it started from “The Grand Budapest Hotel” where director Wes Anderson used that whole retro-kitsch tint through out the movie. Now, if you don’t know about Wes Anderson, he is a celebrated film director, producer and writer who is known for his quintessential cinematic treatments that involve perfect symmetry and colour among other technicalities. And this what probably draws me to explore Wes Anderson too. Every frame is a perfect symmetry of subject and background which appeals very much to my photographer OCD soul. And all his movies are characterized by a palette of colours that runs through out the movie. Check him out.

So anyway, coming back, some say that this Millennial Pink {Like whatever} started from The Grand Budapest Hotel movie. And then there are others who points the finger {in a good way} to Apple who launched its Rose Gold iPhone {never got the hype. Probably old} which sparked this pink rage.

But whatever gave birth to it, its cool to say that its momma is having a good proud moment right now. From Balenciaga to my ever-so-horrible-in-taste-tiny-niece they are all crazy about Millennial Pink. Thankfully a few flowers decided to cooperate with this novice you call Trumatter with the shade so I could show you what it looks like. But hey dont hold me for it. It’s a millennial business and I barely know anything about it!

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