Up for some Bedroom talks? Some saucy conversations perhaps that happens only in the bedroom? Something that involves a lot of sighs and happiness? Haha. Count on me to totally disappoint you on this one because this is all about my new mattress from the House of Bed. Honestly, if I was stranded in an Island and I was allowed take one thing with me, {other than my phone, body shop creams, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, Nail filer and a huge barrel of coffee but these are a part of me so i am not necessarily carrying anything extra right?} it’ll be this mattress. Why? Because in worst case scenario, I’ll lie down in that bed and hibernate for about 6 months till a ship sees me. No really, with this mattress hibernation is totally possible.
Forget about me. You should ask my husband sometimes about this mattress from House of Bed. “It’s something else” is his forever answer. And, “along with a good quilt, this mattress can literally make you hibernate. This is the best mattress online“.
I approve!

We got the mattress in August,2017

And I am putting in a word in January, 2018. Why is that? Because this is not a child’s play. You will not invest 30 grands at the drop of a hat. You will not buy a mattress every year. A bad mattress can be terribly awful for your sleep and Body. Not to mention, in most cases you will be left compromising with bad sleep and sore muscles till you actually get around to change it. So I wanted to be 100% sure before I wrote a testimonial.

I did a post in September last year, a week or two of using the mattress stating its plus points {Ones that are evident immediately}. But, you can only and whole heartedly vouch for something when you have spent enough time with it, or so I believe. 2 weeks was too soon to put my credentials into the net plate so I took my time to get to actually know this mattress before I gave out this verdict.

Buy it!

The most important thing

You know, when you get a product, its natural that you will like it intially. It’s all very exciting and new and you’ll have a lot of great things to write about it. But s**t gets real when its old. When it shows signs of its make, of its wear and tear and of comfort. 5 months to using this mattress and it’s only gotten better. Or should I say, it’s become mine! You see, we work really hard in this household to not just buy things but make it ours and this mattress made our bed, ours. A place where we curl up and feel great, every single day of the week. Our bedroom is one of our favourite jamming place and this mattress really gets in that “my bed” feeling. You’ll agree with me that there are very little things in life that gives you as much joy as to sip your kinda tea from your cup or sleeping in your own bed, in your own quilt; and this mattress from House of Bed has become so synonymous to “my bed” that we doubt we will ever be able to sleep on any other. This might sound like a vague endorsement but if I was to sell this mattress to you where in my life depended on that sales pitch, I would have sold it to you with this money back guarantee- “If you find a better mattress at this price, you can keep the mattress and also have your money back”. It’s that good, and I believe in it.

5 months and still strong

In september I did a post on the same– as I mentioned before- and today, I will draw a comaprison with the former to tally as to whether or not, the initial check points that I mentioned are still being met. Cool?

In September I wrote:

It’s really, really responsive. {I will try jumping with a coffee cup in there but that’s for later} Contours snuggly and gives you this whole cocoon feeling. Haha and in my book its very good. I LOVE FALLING IN THIS BED AFTER WORK. Is there any audio visual effect that I can put here? To highlight the fact that is super good?

Now: Super responsive! I think as you use it, it kind of opens up. Like a good car. Just the right amount of bounce with pressure, and you can actually feel the goodness of memory foam as you fall in. 0 change in the cocoon feeling

Pressure point Relief. Oh my god, its good. I remember of this pain in my left hand for ages now and I thought its chronic. It’s not. It was my bed. 2 weeks in this mattress and no pain. No really. Freaking freak. Pain gone! This is a great pain relieving mattress if you ask me.

Now: Same. Never had a pain again. As a matter of fact our tuktuk travels here give you quite the neck break and I often come home with a terrible neck and shoulder ache. A sleep in, and it has already improved a lot. In short, your posture is in good hands.

It really reduces toss and turns and you don’t feel much if the other person is moving either. Good for Rohan because I get my moves when I’m sleeping only.

Now: Same. Not a change.

They say it breathes and keeps you cool and it might be true. But I sleep like a child in this- please remember that I have very thin sleep- so I barely get it.

Now: I slowly have started to feel this. You fall in and it’s like a cocoon where the temperature is just right. I use a 1000 TC Bed sheet, but I have also used 300 and 500 and the sleep is just as good. The 1000 one is like extra love on love.

This year, I will change the mattress in my day bed outside and we have narrowed down our choice already- it has to be a memory foam from House of Bed, because I read and watch TV a lot in there and I’d want some support in there for sure. So youknowhatimsayin?

Take the best f*****g resolution in 2018

I know you’ll be taking a lot of resolutions this year and you’ll be making health changes and diet changes too. Same here post the birthday! But listen to me when I tell you take a good sleep resolution as well. Because good, sound sleep is as important to your body as drinking water. It’s underrated because hey, whose to see right? Trust me when I tell you it is important, and eventually it’ll show when you’ve had or not had a good night’s sleep. A good sleep can make you wake up happy and fresh, which in turn can drastically change your mood for good. And hey, good mood is everything right?

There is however a downside to this mattress

Might sound a bit vanity-laden but once you have slept on this, you are spoilt for life. You would pine and long to come and sleep in your own bed and we have experienced this first hand. It really, really spoils you and I don’t mind this at all!

It’s 10:16
The bed is calling
And I must go.

To good and useful resolutions.

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