Geez. To think of the headline!!! If someone told me a decade ago, I’ll be designing wallpapers, I would shoosh and woosh and tell them, ‘I like your epic optimism’. I always had this designing streak- thanks to mama- and I kind of dabbled with paint once in a while but a full scale Wallpaper? Like, a wallpaper by Rukmini Ray Kadam? This was way off plans. But I am happy to tell you all that this happened and it’s making me very very happy at the moment. While I totally enjoy photographing, collating decor inspiration and hardware-nudging; painting soothes my soul. To be able to express through words, music, creation and colours & patterns is very, very satisfying and I feel blessed that I am able to do that. And most importantly, I feel blessed to have you {yes, whoever you are reading this at the moment}. The amount of love you all showered on a nobody like me brings me to tears. I didn’t hope for this much, so I am clearly very grateful to every single one of you.

I have been sharing my works on instagram for a while now and I really wanted to take a moment to thank you all, and for me there is no better place than this blog to do so. This is home. A digital one perhaps, but still- Home!

About Dopati Wallpaper

I was born in Kolkata but was whisked away to the North of West Bengal- still just a child. And I grew up in the best parts of west bengal with an year in Darjeeling and Kurseong, a few odd months in Kalimpong, a few hefty years in Jalpaiguri and then in the foothills of Darjeeling- a town called Siliguri from where I went to college in an even smaller town called Coochbehar. Come monsoon and the street would be full of ferns, creepers and these ubiquitous, really cool, sway-ey little shrubs that bore tiny flowers in the shade of pink, red, cream and roange called “Dopati”. A car would pass and they’d sway lazily in the air giving painting a very relaxed scene as we hop skipped back from School. And I never really got over how effortlessly pretty they are.

Funny that I had forgotten all about them until my husband bought me a series of Sakura pens. While trying them out one evening, and rather instinctively, I drew a bunch of Dopati leaves. And so many memories just gushed forth, making me smile and laugh! You see, I just had to pass it on to you guys. So here it is, a very simple but evocative wallpaper to let you dream a little dream!

Do up an accent wall with them, cover your wardrobe, use it in your balcony garden as a backdrop or cut a piece and frame it as a cool wall art- the possibilities are endless!

The wallpaper is in production and will be taking some time. We also have our first stockist so that’s good news and I’ll tell you all the minute its available to snatch up. Till then, thank you for all the epic love.

Man, you all can really love you know what Im sayin?


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