Hello Summer Decor!

Yes yes. I know it’s 50 inch snow for some of you and January is not over yet, but darling, that’s how the tropics roll. Trust me no one would have been happier to snuggle in a warm wintery quilt right now, with coffee and cats but like I said- that’s how Mumbai rolls and before we knew, we are in pre-summer with blasted fans and boiling barley. So, yeah- Hello Summer!

And Hello, breezy Summer Decor

Not particularly a fan of the season, but certainly a big fan of changing things around in this home: the summer colours get me just as much excited. Plus I think tere is something about lazying around on a hot summer afternoon amidst loads of soft pastel shades, citrusy promises, ice-cream and cold coffee that gets me like Christmas gets me. It’s got a charm of its own and I am totally ready to bring in the feels: Enter, Bubble Wrap Store!

BubbleWrapStore is the coolest Online Decor place in town

But first, crazy cool name right? Like you hear the name and you’re like, “oh, Parcels and bubble wrap.” The name itself is such a happy one; the feel extends to the products as well. You know those breezy, simple, rustic, farmhouse and Beachy decor and organizing products that are slathered in raw, natural neutral goodness? BubbleWrapStore is all about that. And if you know me, that is also 100% Trumatter! So clearly a loot has been done and here is how it looks like!

Washed canvas, Cream tassels, Tangerine, Pompoms, and wire baskets with sisal ropes

So what did my first set of summer decor loot look like? It looked like Tasseled striped cushions in orange, black and white, cute blue and black embroidered small cushions with pompoms, a loverly little wire basket that I go to heaven with and a rustic frame that I have been looking for a long time now for my little corner. And I am completely in love with my loot! In photograph are Maura Stripe and Blocky poms– both from BubbleWrapStore and by H2H.

You know I am all for those who love colours. It’s a great thing. But as for me, although I like colours I am not a big fan of colours that require my immediate attention. And this alone narrows my home and decor search to a mere 10% perhaps. I never quite find things I like here in India. Like I’d love a bit of orange- but one that isn’t too saffrony. A little coral-ish orange is good for me. I’d love patterns but one that seamlessly mixes with my neutral solids. I love a bit of boho chic but it should be soothing enough and a north Goa shack {sorry guys}. And BubbleWrapStore just gets me. Haha, let’s just say their cushions are straight out of those dreamy homes of pinterest. Dont believe me? Here. Take a look.

I think I am totally grabbing the Happy Tribe and the Peacock cushion next. I mean what’s Summer decor without a bit of boho feels yeah? But not before I grab a couple of more wire baskets!

Coz 2018 is for stylish storage

This year I have pledged to show my readers how to ace a 500 sq ft apartment and store things in line of sight without making it look ugly, so you’ll see a lot of baskets on Trumatter this year. And this wire and sisal basket from BWS is the perfect thing to start off this store-good revolution with, not to mention this is also your benchmark 😉 Say no to plastic boxes and storage bins that you have to hide away in a modular kitchen. Open up! Make way for open shelves, loads of baskets and stylish storage even where you are staying in a little, rented apartment like mine. In the photographs above, I have used this basket in two different ways-
a. stored my kitchen essentials
b. Used it as a vignette
And this is another way to make your cupboard look pretty without the hassle of rummaging through.

I’ll be honest, I have had a terrible cupboard problem since like teenage years and it is now- on the other side of 30- that I have finally realized it’s pretty easy to keep your cupboard organized without letting it all fall on you like dead bodies. And baskets have helped in here. My mom will be so proud. You have no idea! She has literally spent half of her wrinkles on me- just trying to get this whole idea in my head. And I always countered with, “These are insignificant things”. Haha, oh well, when your mum is around, these sort of things kinda take a back seat. But when you are on your own, you know the struggle.

But I have always been a fan of Wabi-Sabi you know. What’s life without a bit of imperfection which makes it all so beautiful!

Which reminds me about the Barnwood frame I snagged

Haha, before I sense the tinest digression el progresso, let me just get back to the point and show you all how cool this frame is. Made out of 100% weathered barn wood, this is texture, as is and as its meant to me. Replete with the knots, holes and age lines BubbleWrapStore’s Barn wood Picture frame has my heart. When I went to Sweden this year I picked up a beautiful postcard of IKEA from IKEA museum which I have been meaning to hang for a while, and look how perfect it looks. Completely, completely in love with this.
Here’s a close up!

70 words short of 1000 words, and I really think I should leave this space. But what does one do when you have amazing stuff like this and summer decor to write about eh?

Have yourself a happy midweek, and do me a favour–> go check out BubbleWrapStore. You will love it.


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