I have now completely come to believe that each one, consciously and actively, should try to practice the philosophy of sustainable living at home. Because like charity, care for your environment begins at home too. It might just feel like a recent buzzword that rises and falls once the social hype is over but I assure you, it’s a lot more than that- and a buzzword to pay heed to.

Supporting and creating a sustainable ecosystem place significant focus on environmental protection because firstly, by sustainable means we are not destroying the environment. Secondly, by not doing that we are reducing our negative footprints which will help us to save this dear earth we call home if not reverse situations. On many occassion, I have personally asked people to not throw garbage in the river and surprisingly every single one pointed to an invisible entity saying, “sab log pehkta hai”. Which means everyone does it. It bewilders me to a very frustrating point because I want to see who that one person will be to bring in the change!

Don’t look for what others or the government is doing, rather do your bit. Because if all of us, religiously do our bit to make the earth a greener place, I can’t think of anyone who could try and stop us from doing the right thing.

In my house, I am eliminating plastic altogether this year and my heart is with what Pepperfry did/doing over the weekend, promoting sustainable living. Tapping 7 cities and 9 studios, and bringing together art veterans along with their customers to drive the message home, Pepperfry went all out to reach out to the entire spectrum with sustainable furniture solutions, thought provoking installations, easy DIY crafts, reclaimed furniture and murals.

And it felt so good to see organizations that can make a difference come forth to talk about creating positive environmental impact

To commemorate World Environment Day Pepperfry conducted a host of activities for its consumers, employees, interior designers, and architects, and encouraged them to be a part of their installations, workshops and interactive talks to celebrate a green weekend. Spanning across 9 Studios in 7 cities Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Pune, Pepperfry hosted artists who are truly passionate about working with waste and sustainable materials, to offer an immersive experience at each of the 9 Studios. In the artist list, there was Navneet Kaur , Haresh mehta, Veena Chandran, Debanghu Maulick and my favourite- ceramic artist Rekha Goyal.

I so wanted to be a part of it, but unfortunately I was out of town doing something just as environmentally conscious: We were spending an organic weekend, farming and learning the basics of growing our own produce.

Here’s what happened, as I was spinach farming!

A tale of 7 cities, etched with sustainable solutions

In Mumbai, Ceramic veteran Rekha Goel curated a sustainable mural wall made of clay and edible gum while corrugation expert Haresh Mehta hosted a free-flowing, interactive discussion around the concept of turning packaging into art and innovative bio-degradable solutions. In Chennai and Hyderabad Studio’s, Roopika Jayaram conducted a workshop on DIY eco-conscious gifting. Bangalore saw the magnificent installation- Tree of Life inspired by scrolls from the 12th-15th century which was displayed alongside a grandiose light installation reflecting multiple layers of a tree.

Whereas Ahmedabad and Delhi hosted artists to unleash their creativity and interpretations on a Pepperfry coffee table! Pune, on the other hand, witnessed, accomplished architects, Ketaki and Veena, who created a collaborative social design installation through a unique mosaic mural workshop at the Pepperfry Studio which brought together the old and new teaching individuals to declutter not only their desks but their surroundings and mind.

A little about supporting sustainable living

Sustainability or sustainable living is important for a very simple, very straightforward reason. We cannot destroy everything and maintain our quality of life because unless we, as individual unit, brace Earth’s ecosystem, we will destroy. And how can embrace the ecosystem? Re-use for one. Use reclaimed wood, turn discarded plastics to something useful rather than sending it to landfill, use natural material for household that’ll discourage production of plastic to begin with, look for recyclable product, decorate with plants and choose consciously.

The root of change lies in understanding and constantly striving for sustainability— in our own homes, in our communities and in our ecosystems. And that is the only way! Good on you pepperfry. Good on you

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