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Believe it or not, a huge chunk of what makes a room look pulled in and complete is just plain lighting. You can try and tell me, “well, it’s just light” and I’ll probably try to reason with you by saying,”yes but at the same cost you can make better lighting decisions” because nothing dulls your home more than wrong lighting- whether its the source, the look or the temperature that’s gone outta line. As a matter of fact, ill lighting can not just make a space look dull and dreary but can also take away from its beauty. Believe me you when I tell you, I have seen many a gorgeous rooms cry under the weight of sickly blue tubelights and I tell you with such conviction- that these blue lights are good for nothing- because one of them was unfortunately mine.

Yellow walls and a blue overhead tube light was a recipe for complete disaster: it filled everything in the room with an ill shabby light which no amount of plants and cushions could salvage. Thanks to that one table lamp I had that I somehow survived the initial recessed-light-less days. It was just plain horrible. Or should I say it wasn’t Hyggelight!

Thankfully, we have come a long way from that blasted life and my tiny little apartment now have quite a few lights strung here and strewn there which bless us with little puddles of joyous light, every time! Not too elaborate, not mill made either, these are lights that are close to my heart, are sourced from different parts of India, are quite interesting {or so I feel} and are super dreamy.

In short, here’s your fix of joyful lighting fixtures- 100% trumatter style

The Gong Pendant light from Purple turtles

In my living room, we have four different kind of lights. The concrete Gong pendant that you keep seeing in my stories is from Purple Turtles and I love their concrete and exposed lighting options. Infact Purple Turtles is one of my favourite lighting outfit!
The Gong pendant is available for ₹4140

The Edison lamp from APMC, Vashi

Unfortunately no link here but if you are in or around Vashi, you can find it! I thin even if you look in Amazon,you might find these. Pretty common these days.
Mine costs ₹800 including fixture

The Cherry Floor Lamp from Objects of Interest

We finally said goodbye to the stack of books and the rag lampshade and added a super sleek floor lamp from The Objects of Interest- a boutique lighting outfit in Byculla, Mumbai who will make your jaw drop with their beautiful, modern lights. Btw, muzu knocked the lamp over, the glass in the shade rammed on the wall and didn’t break. You can get the same fixture in two or three hands I suppose- I took only one because space! It has LED lights inside and fills the room with a beautiful, warm glow.

Mine is with the small globe. Available here and for ₹14,830

The dreamy, macrame lamp by The Copper Fringe

We lifted up a dead space in our home {an L shaped area between the bathroom door and our cupboard} with a fringe pendant light from The copper Fringe and it’s one of my favourite lights in the house. Specially because it sways so dreamyyyy.
This light is available here and for ₹2850

The wall spot lights for our Bedroom

The wall on which our bed is, was kinda dull. There was no scope for a corner pendant and it’s the wall we wanted to make brighter in general. So instead of an overhead light, we added two spot lights and added space for some wall art in between. The result is as you see it. These are also from APMC market, Vashi.
A pair costed ₹900

The Willow light in our bathroom from Purple Turtles

See I already you I love them so and when I redid our tiny master bath I couldn’t think beyond the purple turtles. I didn’t want a wall sconce and definitely wanted a pendant light and what better than a sleek, classy pendant that has a little room for greens. Because I was hanging up a few green things on the other side, I chose the Willow to keep us where the light is!
The Willow light is available for ₹6806

The Crochet Woven lamp in our balcony by my Mother in Law

You all ask me a lot about this lamp but unfortunately, this ain’t for sale. This one here is woven by my mum in law on request and I adore this lamp. I added the tassels later to add a bit of volume and weight. Doing quite a bit of research, the only and closest one I found to mine was this. Priced at 8500/-

The Bulb String lights in our balcony

I picked them up recently from Hypercity for 350 bucks and they are so good. I never thought I’d find one in HC but I did and my faith in Indian super markets has slightly been raised post this event. They glow so dreamy!!! Here’s how they look at night.

These are available for ₹350

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little round up of our lighting and should you have or do buy anything from the list, do let me know on blog as comments or on instagram where I am most active at the moment.

Have yourself a happy day!

6 thoughts on “Light up, Trumatter Style- Lights in our home and where you can buy them”

  1. Rukmini the lights are very nice and add the right amount of oomph facttor combining utility and elegance. However most of them are pretty expensive by middleclass standards. Goodthing is now I will no longer find the handdmade lantern style lamps with stainedglass expensive at the saturday market.

    I am struggling with storage and I want to request you to do some posts on this. Too much stuff is equivalent to distress and yet we must store our shoes and clothes and blankets. I tried looking for storage made out of galvanised metal which could serve as a bench or long side table but did not find anything suitable. So I hope you can do some posts that adress this very important issue.
    I thank you in anticipation as I wait eagerly for said posts.

    1. True. Some are slightly expensive but you can plan and buy throughout the year 🙂
      Will do a post on storage soon. Also, declutter. If you have not used a thing for more than a year, its likely that you wont need it at all. So declutter first

  2. Hi, The string bulbs and crochet lamp shades are beautiful. I had made a similar crochet lamp shade, but had to remove the holder when I wanted to change the lampshade. Could you please send up a close up pic of how you’ve fixed your lampshade. Thanks…


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