There is something extremely serene and sophisticated about blue and white. From dark navy to pale blue; from sky and denim to slightly tinted ones- blue paired with white lends an instant calmness and poise to your space that is hard to miss. And summer to me is that perfect time to adapt this classic colour palette. Add a bit of citrus pop to your BnWs and it instantly adds some summer cheer while loads of peach and pink can lend a very feminine charm to it! Of course, if you are someone like me who adds beach-y hues with lots of putty and beige can very well get the beach home of your dreams or you could do outright nautical by stepping up or down the colour tone. Blue and white opens up so much possibility and come summer I can never get past its charm.

Take a look at our favorite, Trumatter Style easy breezy blue and white finds this summer that are giving us life. You are welcome.

The blue and white summer line by Chumbak

Chumbak is known for its big, bright, bold colours and a hip, India inspired design. That’s just Chumbak. You wouldn’t expect a mellow play of colors in here or classics done as classics, because hey, where’s the fun in that? And just when you narrow them down to a style, they drop the bomb with their blue and white summer line telling us, “bruh, we can do classics like a bawse”. Completely in love with the blue and white series which also ropes in a bit of turquoise in the mix. Little, pretty patterns rule the summer line, and is such a fabulous change from the traditional blue and white Indian pottery. And yet, the palette is so traditional you’d not miss instantly thinking about Jaipur’s blue and white ceramics that has adorned Indian homes for ages. I like this. I like this picking up a tradition and weaving it with your own spin. That and that alone sets a brand apart.

Please excuse Muzu, he is just checking stuff out. He likes to check out everything that comes in

rendezvous with Blue teaset by The Decor Kart

China by Decor Kart has been my favourite for long but the Rendezvous with blue line just breaks all possible pre loves and fills me with a new found love for this Charming vintage teaset and by extension Decor Kart. Made in fine ceramic and in an exotic timeless blue and white floral, this just brings back the magic of savouring a cup of afternoon tea with cucumber sandwich and biscuits: such a fan-teas-tic relief in a take-away coffee cup culture.

This indigo flatweave rug by Baaya Design

Baaya Design recently launched their India inspired global line and we loved their new flatweave Indigo rug. Baaya, again, is known for their traditional designs which they bring in to us by collaborating with craftsmen and women from across the country and bridges the gap between creators and consumers. But 2018 will be a tad bit different. Baaya will not just source traditional art form from around the country but also bring them in a modern avatar. They will also now have an inhouse design consultant who can help you with redesigning your space as well!

The Capri Blue and white Trunk by Elan

If beautiful, rustic vintage metal enamelware is your thing, Elan or Living with Elan as its called is the place to be at. From trays to trunks, to storage and stands- there is no one who does enamelware better than Elan and what started with pitchers and just a few more additions quickly mushroomed into an outfit which is now the one stop destination for vintage and modern steel enamelware. I have quite a few piece from their store in my home (Remember the famous white pitcher that keeps making an appearance on my instagram? Or the pale green cookie and tray set? They are all from Elan) and their blue and white trunk just steals my heart. Vidushi who heads Elan can very rightly be called an alchemist in Steel!

Blue Stripe linen cushion cover by Maddhome

Maddhome is one of my favourite place to shop for cushions. They are the only place online where you can find really nice linen in simple, global designs and I have had my eyes on this blue and white for a long time now. I have had the same cushion in red and was hoping to get the blue and grey too, which now I will. The cloth is thick and feels amazing to touch! But you know what the sad part is? They seem to be no where active on the internet. I have tried tagging them multiple times with no luck. Hehe.

Our dopati wallpaper

It’s not because it’s ours but we really adore our blue and white Dopati wallpaper. It’s got a certain lazy, balmy summer afternoon feel that we totally love. One of my first designed product and also a bestseller {by my standards ofcourse} our Dopati wallpaper is slathered in Trumatter Style and makes any space look pretty. It’s waterproof- design side- so you can also use this in this in your washing area too!

Got a favourite blue and white piece? Tell us in the comment section- we’d love to know! Bye for now- there are shoots hovering over my head.



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