I don’t know if I can call myself a Photo nazi or whatever those terms are but I am certainly a photo enthusiast. I enjoy photographying and the process in general, I’d probably stand infront of a speeding train if I was immortal to get that perfect frame and I once hired a car from Kandy in Srilanka to go to Negombo and not take a bus because I wanted to photograph the lovely jute markets on the way and also pick up props. Actually, coming to think of it, I also carried my entire camera kit to Himachal {so thankful about this} and Sweden and in both cases chucked a few clothes behind because hey, one just don’t simply land up at the last inhabitable village in the Indo-Tibet border and comes back with shoddy photographs, do they? One Plus to that thought!

So yeah, I am that girl who slings a camera infront of everyone and clicks away, sometimes embarrassing- sometimes making people proud, and I am super serious about good photos. And I can tell you that the One Plus 5T is probably the closest thing I have used to my SLR for photos on the go. Sharp, ma-fa-in fast without a sliver of slag which really helps for photographs on the go- the One Plus cam is pretty brilliant!

This is not a sponsored post

One plus did not ask me to do this but I am doing this because you might really like to know about this. Believe me, by far I have never let any device come in between my camera and I, but this phone. Now, my phone photos share photo space on instagram with my cam {prime lens, most often} and the photo quality and colour production is just as brilliant. Over the next few paragraphs I will tell you about the camera and modes of this phone because a lot of you DM’d me about my stories which are mostly taken with the One Plus. I am also adding this under a new category called “Gears” which can have all the photo essentials and filters yada yada. Cool?


So you know, someone asked me when One Plus sent in this phone to me, if I would buy this phone for its price which is slightly expensive. I said, I would.
He said, it’s too early. And I thought, well, yeah! makes sense.
So all this while I didn’t add a word to my blog because I really thought it’ll be too early. Now that a good 3 months have passed, it’s legibly a good enough time to decide whether or not you’d want this gear.
Verdict: Will buy. Repeat- will buy.

So what’s the deal with the One Plus 5T camera?

To begin with the One Plus 5T has a primary camera of 16 mp with a Sony IMX 398 Sensor, and an aperture of f/1.7. The secondary camera is a 20 MP cam which also offers a maximum aperture of f/1.7 as opposed to a slow f/2.6. The “Intelligent Pixel Technology” that it offers is actually a process called “Pixel Binning” which combines 4 pixels into 1 to reduce noise in low light lighting. But this is not the path breaking thing that you will be looking for in the One Plus 5T. What is, is you can use the back of the fingerprints scanner as a click button! All you need is to place your finger on the sensor for more than 1 second. It’s a big phone {for my tiny hands} so that’s a pretty good feature if you are playing around with the brightness and focus area in the portrait and pro mode.

The 3 Modes in the One Plus 5T

In your phone, you’ll find 3 modes. Auto, pro and portrait. The Auto mode is absolutely simple with the focus area on touch and so is the white balance. Focus and click. Finito. The Auto mode also offers you HDR which means great outdoor shots with crisp contrasts.

The pro-mode, as the name suggests gives you complete control over ISO, white balance, shutter speed, focus and brightness settings. There is an Auto option even on pro mode which can be used to take photos. I absolutely love how simple it is to operate the pro mode- its an on screen dial which can be moved left or right to adjust all of the above under their respective tabs.

The portrait mode. Now this is dope.

The Portrait Mode is to die for

A primary wide-angle lens + a low-light optimized camera makes the Portrait mode of the One Plus 5T that captures the depth information with the secondary sensor. A wide-angle lens for portraits is a bit unconventional {because you’d want fixed lengths or telephoto for that perfect portrait} but OnePlus flaunts this as a feature, citing the wider field of view an advantage over phones. Basically it’s very much like the dual pixel autofocus but uses two lenses to do the job. The result though is drop dead gorgeous.

Just to touch the video part- the video modes are pretty standard but the lens makes all the difference when you are taking a timelapse or slow motion video. I didn’t get a chance to fully explore the video modes but as and when I do, I will add this as an update.

For now, super happy with the One Plus 5T. One Plus people, thank you for thinking that my photo skills are worth this. Salut.

*All photos in this blog are taken by the One Plus 5T. Find more of my shots at my Instagram page

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