Pothos or Money Plant! Beautiful, hardy, strong as we women are and grows beautifully irrespective of the conditions they are in which makes it a great plant to start your plant based decor with. Best part is, unlike a fiddle {people are saying the decor world is so over it and stuff but I just don’t get how does one get over a plant or plants in general! Totally beyond me} this is easily available in our Indian nurseries for a dime or outside buildings if you are willing to smack a twig. Barring two, every single green head of Pothos in my home is gathered from the streets which grew and grew and propagated- you get the gist- and trust me on it when I tell you that this is the easiest plant to start your apartment gardening with, even if you have a fossil rock black thumb. For care and how to take care of Pothos, head here

Pothos will survive & they look beautiful

Considering apartment gardening won hands down in our instagram story vote, I thought I’ll share a few inspirations of how to decorate your house beautifully with Pothos- because from small vignettes to big green structures, this rockstar can do it all! Take any drab space and fill it with Pothos and see how dramatically the space changes. In my home, dead spaces like a sliver of space beside our day bed, the space above our wardrobe, and in our bath or the end table beside our sofa- are all full of Pothos and at one place I have also attempted to start a bit of structuring because the traily-willies outrightly refused to stay put in a bunch.

This again, is one big advantage of pothos. If you wound the growing stems to a coil, they’ll grow in a pretty bush. If you are like me and love veins of green swaying dreamily in the breeze, they’ll be all the veins you ever need. It’s really a very handy plant.

But why did the leaves go yellow mellow

You know, I’ve said this before, and I am repeating again- more dear greenies die because of over pampering than not. Take a look at how you can make your money plants survive:

1. Pothos turn yellow if you have watered them too much and there is not enough sunshine. Watering your indoor pothos once a week is totally fine!

2. Pothos will wilt if you have not watered them for a while and you’ll know when they are wilting. Add a cup of water to your plant and in the next two hours it’ll be back to the gorgeous plant it is.

3. They like places that are slightly warm and receives daylight and I have personally found them to thrive better in partial sun or shade but one that recieves plenty of air and daylight.

NOTE: Mind you, daylight and sun are two different things. Daylight is your living room or the window sill.

4. Pothos like a bit of muddy water which it likes to sip in its time. So keep a plate below your Pothos planter and then water them. The first two days, the soil should be wet and then you should let the soil dry and not water

5. As opposed to plain soil, cocopeat works better because they hold the moisture well. And then dries quickly too.

6. Found pothos loving all kinds of containers- from clay to ceramic to plastic and even plastic bags. Some also root them in water and they trail beautifully.

Honestly, I think plants and people have a unique way about living with each other. When I started of and used to fret constantly over plants, I found they gave up on me faster. As and over the years I have cut them a bit of slack, I have found them to grow without much hassle! I know you want Pothos to grow or any other plant for that matter but I have a feeling everything in this darn cosmos need their space. I am not asking you to ignore them but definitely dont worry about them.

How To Style your home with Pothos like you mean it

Haha, okay, I don’t know if these ideas will be close to anything like you mean it but it atleast works pretty for me. Here’s how I style these and here’s how you can add in oddles of green love to your apartment with just money plants. Ready?

Let them hang loose

Got an empty area in your room that can use a bit of TLC? You don’t actually know what will look good in there? Add a pothos. In my living room we have a cupboard which houses this pretty little terracotta pot with trailing pothos. I stack my books against it making a drab cupboard top, a happy place.

Make art with pothos

Unstoppable Pothos? add tiny nails to your nails {or clips} and rest the trailing stems on them. Send them up, send them down, write a big name on your wall, it’s just a matter of your imagination. They are creepers and mould perfectly to shape. That’s what I did to my Pothos in my bedroom.

Use your drawers or little wall pockets to display money plants

Wall hangings, open drawers and wall pockets make for the perfect place to add some green. We love these tiny ones in our message board storage box.

Group them for epic drama

How swell can an empty table top look? Well this swell. We grouped two Pothos- one in a green ceramic planter and hung one directly above it to give the space an illusion of fullness. The light above adds more drama to the whole setup!

Make a curtain of pothos

My pothos didn’t get to this stage but image a curtain of pothos! Like one in this room. Source

Make your bathroom cheerful

We’ve got Pothos in our bathroom too! Right above the basin we added two Pothos- one with our light and one in a planter and it cheers up the space beautifully! Can’t wait for them to trail now!

Use them as living shower curtains

Now I’d LOVE to have this! Found this in pinterest and I cannot get over how beautiful Pothos are! Original image is from here

And the love is never ending

Completely in love with money plants and how versatile these tiny greenies are! You can do so much with them that its not even funny. By the way did you know there are like 7 kinds of money plants? Mine are Golden, Pearls and Jade and a blue ones which are supposed to split once they grow bigger.

Are you a money plant enthusiast? How many do you have and how do you use them? Write in the comments section and I’ll go to your blog/instagram and check it out! Don’t forget to tag #trumatterstyle so I can find them!

It’s an inky sky outside with 7 on the clock in this bay city, and methinks a cup of tea will be wonderful! I hope this post find you happy and you find this useful.

Off then

7 thoughts on “How to decorate with Pothos or Money Plant”

  1. I totally love pothos too. They are beautiful and happy plants never a dull moment. I have over 7 pothos in pots and about 10 in bottles (with water) I have put them up in different styles. Some adorn the macrame plant hangers, a small one on coffee table and rest are growing on the shelf in my balcony

      1. Totally agree! Read your blog again today. I like to re-read your blogs, beautiful like short stories that take you on a short trip!

  2. So does keeping these places in bottles with water help? I’ve a pot with money plant getting ample sunlight from the West, is that not so good for the plant?

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