I’ve been a long time that I’m waiting
Been a long that I’m blown
I’ve been a long time that I’ve wandered
Through the people I have known
Oh, if you would and you could
Straighten my new mind’s eye. 

A drunk man taking home a tiny kitten to brighten his northern sky! The story would have been perfect…


Equally drunk or less that I was, I would have loved to believe this world is a beautiful place. I would have told his story with much compassion in my heart and tears in my eyes….and talked about it in a “Marley and Me” manner…


…But truth is, the conveniences of the city are not known to him. He walks the slippery, narrow, winding lanes to grab a drink or two in the tiny village by the lake. His booze is from the country- cheap. I could tell he’s not known many people. I could tell that the cat was possibly the only living thing that has shown him affection. I could tell he would let us take a picture or two for back home his friends are scanty. I could tell he has never known love…or what it feels to lose something he loves…


He told us his name is Pintya. He is Pintya from Vithalgaon. He repeated again. He asked if we would come next weekend. He insisted. He repeated many, many times. Maybe he wants his story told. But that wasn’t a way to get the story filed! He is here for the wrong reasons.


As he was getting ready to leave our company, he found it very convenient and humane to put the cat in a bag and secure it with a sailor’s knot, in case he spilled some its soul while carrying it back! The cat’s not dead yet, friend. It would be if you want it to be but it is still alive. I say it’s just born. Is this why they say alcohol is a bad thing? because I am sure he knows an animal is not a thing.

There is something very intriguing about a drunk man carrying a pet home. One could draw so many conclusions but I’ll leave it to that. Had it not been for us- he would have taken it back home as an unusual dinner. 

I look around and my head aches. A million thought collide in to one big chaos- should I deem it as animal cruelty? Should I call it an example of homosapien superiority that makes us think we can do practically anything with an animal, let alone owning one? Should I call it the effects of alcohol? I have seen alcohol abuse, very closely. I have seen how irrational alcohol makes people and how adamant. Whatever he drank- I’d like to drink it with Sonia Gandhi. 

Hello depression, old friend.

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