To yet another blog full of rambling, Country chic DIY and white love affair.  This time, a bit of fabric love affair that has modge podge in it, an empty glass of cuppa’  Ramen and a DIY that you can do with your eyes closed.


IMG_7682Just in case you are wondering where this gets to stay!

Look at those grey hand prints on the upper right. I will clean that tom. Promise. I don’t even know why they are there…maybe ghosts 😛

Anyway, my father in law is into textile and he keeps filling me in with a lot of ideas and swatches. So when last week we were talking about opening a boutique shop over beer, he told me about  fabric covered pots. Again, this is something I wanted to do for quite sometime now but my plants are of the outdoor variety and I keep them on the railing outside my kitchen. I don’t see a point in covering them with fabric- they are in perfectly aerated clay pots and I better not block this. Till the time I get home some small coffee table, houseplant I don’t see this happening.

So instead, with some swatches I thought of making fabric vases.

IMG_7675You can call them fabric holders or votives or baskets or keepers or whatever you want to- the idea was to have a holder for my dried flowers. This craft is very close to how you’d make paper glass with strips of newspaper and glue. (Btw, do you know that? ) Just that instead of paper, you’ll use fabric on a plain surface and dowse it with modge-podge and leave for a week to dry.

CollageI used an empty Ramen glass here and Im guessing you can use any- but preferably plastic. ‘Coz when it dries you’d need the back of a spoon to slightly loosen up the fabric from the rim for it to come out. Like you’d take a cake out by running the knife on its sides. Plastic of this sort is fairly soft which makes the process a lot more easier.


So, what do you do:

Take a glass of your choice and measure its circumferences. If you want the fabric vase to be long, you can start from the top. I wanted a small one and hence I left some space. Now double it.

For eg. if the top circumference is 2 and one down is 1, you’d cut the fabric in 4:2. Gat it? Simple maths yo!

As for the length: Keep enough fabric below to cover the base of the glass, completely. This would mean a lot of overlapping fabric and no visible glass bottom.

Next, mark the measurement in the fabric you’d like to make a vase from.

With a generous helping of modge podge, attach the fabric to your glass.

Leave it for a week!

IMG_7694Once dry, run the back of a spoon and take the cast out.



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14 thoughts on “Fabric Vases: A very easy DIY”

    1. Modge Podge is a glue. It dries clear and is very strong. Very like Fevicol but dries with a lot more hold- rather plastic-y if I may. I think all major shops has it.
      And yes, this can be washed 🙂

  1. Oh, that looks so pretty! I like the fabric you’ve used 🙂
    This reminds me I should cover another few of my plant pots soon. Getting around that time when I need to repot some of them.

  2. Very pretty! Love the fabric pattern! Thanks for sharing and for visiting me the other day! I like planting impatiens in containers…they do wonderfully in the shade:)

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