Morning ladies! Nomoshkar!

Ajke bishesh kichu nei (not much in the blog today) but a set of tin cans, salvaged and brought into limelight- Cath Kidstone style! Yeah, baby! Go check her out and come and tell me whether or not this is a perfect knock off!

Twisting tradition doesn’t always have to be controversial and she proves it down right. Cath Kidstone is one of UK’s eminent stylist who is known to modernise the aesthetic of the grand country house. Having grown up in a home heavily influenced by decorative rose prints, Cath aptly glorifies the traditional country look and blends it with modern taste that gives it a quintessential edge.  As a matter of fact, “The floral designs of Kenzo, eccentric tartans of Vivienne Westwood and incredibly modern prints of Celia Birtwell and the quirk of Paul Smith have all served to inspire Kidston’s design in their own way.”- BBC

IMG_7825When Janice from Dancing with lowers sent me a link of a blog that reminded her of my photography, (well, she wasn’t really that original or anything- her blog is just stuff taken from everywhere else) a post caught my eye. It was a post from T&T Atelier- a Croatian blog where T&T re-did shelves, storage tins, boxes and jars and gave it a Cath Kidston-ish look. I have to tell you that it was brilliant. The ladies painted tin cand and jars and crackled them- I was so inspired by their move!

Although I am not going to give you the other link of the lady who collates, I am going to give you the link of T&T Atelier. You all must see what they are upto and I guarantee you, you’ll love it.

IMG_7827Coincidentally, while getting down from the tuk-tuk, a favorite top breathed its last. One of those which you really like because the fabric is really good looking. But I guess, it was God’s way of telling me to knock a Cath Kidstone off, or so I’d like to believe. What were the odds that I’d face an unfortunate situation and then go home and see a blog and find a perfect solution to turn my misery into happiness. I had cleaned and dried tin cans too in the storage cupboard, found my modge-podge at its place, the fabric cut really well- dude, this is Hallelujah stuff!

IMG_7830So after an hour of gluey goodness, I found myself the proud owner of Cath Kidston storage tins- well almost!  The fabric was so light and good that it stuck perfectly even on the ripples on the tin. As a matter of fact, it sat so swell that if you see from distance, you’d feel they are enameled- all thanks to the perfect ripples.

Here’s a collage of my CK inspired tins and immediately below, you’ll find an original. Did I nail it?


The Real Deal- A collage of Cath Kidston products

CollageHow you think I fair?

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9 thoughts on “Cath Kidston Style Storage Knock off!”

  1. Nail it? You certainly did! They look really gorgeous. I just love how creative you are!

  2. Thank you very much for all kind words about my work. I am honored. You did a great job with those cans as well!
    I merged my TandTatelier blog with TandT kitchen, so now it’s TandT kitchen and atelier, and there is more Cath Kidson and other stuff , so you’re welcome to check it out. 🙂
    Unfortunately I can’t find enough time to write it in english and croatian, but someday maybe…..
    I am glad you found my blog, so I found you and I’ll be able to follow you and read. Thank you once again. 🙂

    1. I’m so honored Tadeja, that you could come and see this. Can’t tell you how I heart your work 🙂 Even though Google translate does not interpret it right sometime. Off I am to TnT kitchen!
      Thank you for a being an inspiration.
      Love your blog to the core!!!

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