428371_10152435118865720_450620522_nWell well! Back to scheduled transmission with surfer boys, beach babes, portraits, coastal photographs, food and fun.

I think I’ve already raved a lot about the balcony in where I was staying in Arambol, Goa in my previous beach post. And why not if I can get Yugi’s prime lens to click such photographs as this. Look at that yummy shades of blue-grey and beautiful bokeh against the tree.

For 2 weeks, this tree against the calm and blue Arabian sea has been my favorite subject. In crisp, sparkling morning light that makes the sea shimmer or in the blaring sun @ 1 that makes the sea, a diamond bedspread. Or even in the dying lights of the day with its pink, crimson and purple after tones. I just didn’t get over it.

But surfer boys did get over it and hit the ocean straight!

735218_10152435120055720_1641189411_nAh! This surfer boy is more of a psychological surfer boy who prefers to stand in shallow waters and drink his dark rum. Fully clothed!!! Ankur will never really change would he? And probably that’s why we love having him around. That and the fact that he is also the awesome guitar guy for our band Colaba Point.

P.S: Colaba point just won the best Indian band for 2012 in AV Max magazine! Did I tell that to you guys?

DSC02462That’s me rocking a maxi dress! Not bad huh! Always thought I’d look like a tent in it 😛

From left to right: Her highness, Ankur, Denzil, Rohan

But hey, where are the surfer boys?

385364_10152435119655720_588318283_n Here are the surfer boys.

???????????????????????????????or girls!

Boys who not only surf but surf with a parachute or whatever that is called.

Give me 500$ and I’d pass. There are sharks in the water. They will eat me.

I’d rather just chill by the beach and eat a pineapple.

Or some fresh orange juice with a shot of vodka!

76919_10152435119250720_638054920_nWe frequented Ashvem beach in Goa a lot ‘coz we found this really great shack that had an upper deck and which served great food. Called “County side”, we absolutely adored the place and the guy who took orders. At the end of 2 weeks we were so friendly with him that he would customize food for us- “Get us one french fries with melted cheese on top” OR worse “One chicken noodles but make it a lot more spicy than usual. Put pepper and chili powder”.

Our requests were hideous and never ended. Best part is, we got to know that he is originally from somewhere around where we stay in Bombay. The connection was instant.

We all were so satisfied and happy that some of us were flying.




bird. Or a football hero after scoring 6 goals. I absolutely loved clicking this.

DSC02648And this.

Right next to Ashvem beach is Morjim- a clean, okay beach with 100% USSR domination. We went up to have a shandy (beer and limca: 1:1) and could get some great colors and closeups.

DSC02642Denzil thinking what most of us dont. I really don’t know what he was thinking 😛

DSC02467Me thinking too- I think food. I don’t think about anything else in life but “what to eat”. I have but “one love”.

In Gopalala’s shack- Photo Courtesy: Yugi

IMG_0044Or maybe that’s before I saw him.

LMAO. No, I’m only kidding.

This photograph is solely for my girls out here. I had no damn clue why he was posing like this right in front of my eyes.

Good on him and for me 😉

IMG_0136This Goa got me so jealous of perfect Bikini Babes that I promised to have bitter gourd and lose weight. My love for food has solidified into Michellin tyres around me which just wouldn’t rub off and go away. But nevertheless…

As I am uploading photographs, I’m kind of missing the life we had for 2 weeks.

???????????????????????????????My 48X zoom works for capturing “whatever they are doing”.

They were rolling all over the sand.

IMG_0186Yummy red beach dress! Want!

IMG_0176Or I can trad that beach dress for the most handsome cowboy I have seen in a long time! The dog behind is his friend. They kept splashing each other with water and played for a good half an hour. I really like dogs. They are very good.

But not as good as….

IMG_0011….Super awesome barbecued trout by the beach.

Every shack had choice of fishes and sea-creepies that you can choose and they’d bbq it infront of you and serve with salad, chips and dip.

Please tell me you wouldn’t go absolutely crazy.

PicMonkey CollageMusic time!

Absolutely dig these snippets.

And my honeymoon gift from Rohan! We’re calling it “honeymoon” because that’s more socially acceptable.

???????????????????????????????Blue Topaz and CZ diamonds, set in pure silver.

IMG_0163Last but not the least, here I am, chilling with a pint!


To sand, seas n dreams then!



12 thoughts on “Beach Vacation: Surfer boys, portraits and sea”

  1. You did not tell us you were voted Best Indian Band. Congratulations!!! I’ll forgive you the oversight since you so kindly took me along on your honeymoon. This time of year, I need a dose of sun and sea!

    1. I know I didn’t…actually I’m a bit shy about beating my own drums but yes, I should have. Sorry aunt Maureen!
      You should come over to India for a holiday. We’ll go and experience the 60’s Goa together. Game?

  2. Well congrats Mrs., what a beautiful bride you were, and I love you in your Maxi dress. I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of your wedding and honeymoon. Wishing you happiness beyond what one should have. Thanks for your kind words about the passing of our beloved Bo.

    1. Thank you Cathy. For all your sweet words and wishes.
      I really liked Bo, even if I have never seen him in person. I hope he is happy wherever he is.

  3. Goa has been a long-time wish of mine. At least I got to see a little of it through your photos. Maxi dress looks great, lovely ring, wonderful fresh fruit on the beach, and it looks like a great time was had by all. Congrats on your music success too!

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