Getting married! Taking rounds by the holy fire with Rohan

The much awaited photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Rohan Kadam are here.

Firstly, I don’t know if I should call it a big fat Indian wedding because weddings in India go on for weeks. Ours lasted only 3 hours :P.  We wanted a short wedding, both of us. 7 days of ritualistic embarrassment? Pass. So with much “what on earth” our parents brought it down to the “must do’s”.

Secondly, this ultra short wedding gave birth to 500 photographs- I have chosen only the highlights to give you a rough idea of how our wedding was. (In my mind: Only where I am looking good). Haha…

Hideous. The photographer had no eye for my good angle.

I’ll break out in a wail. This photographer was the worst in my knowledge. I wish he was getting married and I had his camera- The result would have been drastically different. Bloody chomp.

Anyway! We had a vedic wedding and this is roughly what happens-

1. priest prays with girls’ family infront of God asking permission for starting the wedding

2. Same with guys family

2.5. Father gives away his daughter to her would be husband (kanyadaan)

3. Guy and girl are told to do some rituals- just go with it.

4. Swords are held over girl and guy by guys and girl’s brother, while a cloth separates the guy from the girl before exchanging garland. The holding of sword is symbolic of warding away enemies.

5. Girl and guy exchange garlands

6. Girl and guy sits beside the holy fire and do some heebi-jeebies and guy puts vermilion on girl’s forehead. He also gives girl a mangalsutra, which is a black bead necklace woven in gold- equivalent to the wedding band.

If your husband wishes, he can smear vermilion all over your nose too. We Indian girls are very tolerant 😛

Next: you take rounds with your husband around the holy fire and promise to be with him always.


This was a ritual but it can also be that we were bitching about someone. Open to interpretation
Ritual demands bro to pull my husband’s ear and tell him to keep his sister happy! What fun
Married. Happy. Tired. Destroyed.

DSC_0009Once the marriage rituals are over, we went to change for the party after. By party, I mean standing on a stage and laughing endlessly until your jaws hurt. This stage thing was not a part of the deal we cracked with our parents. They pretty much broke it to us at the last minute so that we cant escape the situation. We have been cancelling pretty much everything they came up with.

Parents are very clever. VERY.

DSC_0324 DSC_0314I wanted to have a vanilla wedding. Considering it was very red and gold, I opted for a cream saree for the party. MIL chose the saree for me!!!

DSC_0258The man who saved my D’Day by constantly monitoring my nervous sweaty skin. Couldn’t have done without him.

I hope you all liked this short post.


26 thoughts on “Blip: Broadcasting The big fat Indian wedding”

    1. I knew you’d realllly enjoy this! Truth is being beautiful is 100% uncomfortable 😛 That saree and blouse and jewelry- I was glad to get out of it.

  1. You look beautiful throughout! Weddings can sometimes turn out to be all about everyone else, rather than the people who are getting married…hope you had time to enjoy yourselves and just “be” during all of the festivities. 🙂

    1. Oh Violet, it is all about others! But thankfully in our wedding, we had a major say.
      I am not a fan of rituals or not very religious either. Hence…I kind of had to “deal” with it, but all in all, it was fun. Some parts- ridiculous. 😛

      1. Good to hear you managed to have some fun. My hubby and I were determined to have “our” wedding exactly the way we wanted it and we did succeed for the most part. Congrats to you and here’s to many, many happy years together 🙂

  2. You are such a beautiful couple. Congratulations. My husband just said, “well, that would have been such fun”. Wish we could’ve been there but know we will meet up Rukmini.

  3. I never did get the photos in my Inbox, not even after the second sending. But never mind, I have seen these now. And very beautiful they are too. You and Rohan make a lovely couple, and those spicy reds, pinks, golds and ochres are just gorgeous!

  4. Aww, I love that you had such a traditional wedding ceremony! You know, I only know this from Bollywood movies (haha), but it always melts my heart – the beautiful clothing and painted hands and everyting. You are such a beautiful bride, and your husband looks so kind! Much much happiness to the two of you! 🙂

    1. Awwwwwwww…. Well, you’d now get to see a lot of Indian stuff in here although I am not very Indian in my approach, ethics, decor or food habits. Im more of an Indian gone continental. But once in a while among all this white there would be red and gold. 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping in and your kind words.

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